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Hello and Happy New Year!

2019 was a year filled with growth and change for CBC.  Our President, Catherine Tait, unveiled her vision for the next three years, we welcomed our new EVP, Barbara Williams - who has visited Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver in her short time already.  And we created more content, more local connections and heard from more diverse voices than ever before!

As we look towards the year ahead, we intend to move both the Local Services Strategy (affectionately known as the 3 C’s) and Strategy 2022 (Your Stories, Taken to Heart) in a deliberate way. We will work towards projects that align with these goals, primarily with a focus on customizing our digital services, reflecting a contemporary Canada, prioritizing local connections and attracting and retaining younger audiences.  

The digital space will continue to guide everything we do - with 2020 being the year where we focus on creating content for our own apps, with a strong push for generating and sharing video content.

As our industry continues to change and evolve, 2020 will bring us the CRTC license renewal process, which we hope will provide us with a stronger and more flexible position as we continue to move forward in the OTT and on-demand world.

But at our core - we are storytellers.  And we will remain storytellers regardless of the delivery platform.  Be proud of the impact you continue to make on our community by telling the stories that matter to our audiences, and by giving voice to the voiceless.  Ultimately that is what public broadcasting is all about. 

Some of the stories you can look forward to in the next year will be coverage of the extradition trial of Meng Wanzhou, along with new podcast episodes of course. The series “Treading Water” begins, exploring the affordability crisis in Metro Vancouver and solutions to it. 

To expand our range of voices, we're excited to launch the "Urban Nations" radio and digital video project with Wawmeesh Hamilton and Gordon Loverin, who will be telling the stories of urban Indigenous people around BC and how they live and thrive through community connection.  We will also pilot a New Voices producer, to create an opinion/point of view committee for CBC B.C. and find new, diverse voices for all platforms. 

Vancouver is also hosting an Impactful Writing project to enhance writing skills and also the first local podcast course in late February, working with the Prince George team who will be producing They & Us, a podcast series that will share stories of non-binary, trans and other LGBTQ+ British Columbians. 

A year goes by in a second, so take a minute to enjoy all the work you did in 2019. To help you remember, here is our 2019 Year End Reel

Thank you for all the passion and commitment you bring to the CBC everyday.  Have a wonderful and healthy 2020!



Johnny Michel
Senior Managing Director
British Columbia & Alberta
CBC English Services
Tel. 604.662.6330
Twitter: @JohnnyEMichel