Auld Acquaintances by Peggy Oldfield
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Posted June 9, 2024:

The CBC/SRC Association bowling group gathered on June 5 at Grandview Lanes for another fun-packed morning. Lori Mundy cheered everyone on as, with her arm still in a brace as she heals a broken wrist, it wasn't possible for Lori to bowl this time.  Alex Kerr travelled over from Victoria to join Neil & Lynn Gillon, Rod Mundy, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding & Marichu Torrijos in the bowling games.  Cookies and mini cupcakes for the occasion were provided by Peggy Oldfield.  Awards for Best Female and Male Bowler were made on the basis of exceeding one's average and went to Ding and Marichu Torrijos.  At the end of bowling, eight of the participants - Neil, Lynn, Alex, Rod, Lori, Peggy, Michael and Eleanor - walked a short distance to Daybreakers Caffe & Bar where menu choices ranged from breakfast through brunch and lunch dishes.  Servings were generous; the food delicious and the large booth seating accommoded the group perfectly.  

Here are photos from the bowling segment of the day, provided by Bill Murray and Peggy Oldfield:

Lemon Loaf and Mini Cupcakes, courtesy Peggy Oldfield.

Michael Taylor-Noonan takes stock of the pins.  In the background
L-R: Ding Torrijos, Alex Kerr, Rod Mundy, Neil Gillon, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Bill Murray and Lori Mundy.

Bill Murray expresses his feelings about claiming the Stupid Sport Trophy. 
His frustration was showing after hitting the head pin eleven times in a row!!!!

L-R: Ding Torrijos, Marichu Torrijos, Alex Kerr, Rod Mundy, Lynn Gillon, Michael Taylor-Noonan,
Neil Gillon, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Lori Mundy and Peggy Oldfield.

Lynn Gillon on the lane and watching the action L-R:  Ding Torrijos, Marichu Torrijos, Alex Kerr, Rod Mundy and Neil Gillon. 
Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Lori Mundy are deep in conversation at right.

All in blue....Alex Kerr, Lynn Gillon and Eleanor Taylor-Noonan. 
Also favouring blue in the background is Michael Taylor-Noonan.

The guys - minus Alex Kerr who was bowling - pose for the camera: Rod Mundy, Bill Murray, Michael Taylor-Noonan and Neil Gillon.  Marichu Torrijos, Lynn Gillon and Lori Mundy got into the photo as well! 

Alex Kerr gets to temporarily hold the Shot of the Day Trophy

Marichu Torrijos and Rod Mundy bowling.  Ding Torrijos and Alex Kerr can be seen behind Rod.

Bill Murray gets the Shot of the Day Trophy.

Neil Gillon and Michael Taylor-Noon take a turn.
In the background: Ding Torrijos, Alex Kerr, Rod Mundy, Bill Murray, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Lori Mundy.

Bill Murray wins his second Shot of the Day award (making up for his Stupid Sport Trophy earlier!).

Alex Kerr and Eleanor Taylor-Noonan bowling. 
Behind them watching are Ding Torrijos, Michael Taylor-Noonan, Rod Mundy, Bill Murray and Lynn Gillon.

Husband and wife Ding & Marichu Torrijos were the winners of the Male and Female Best Bowler Trophies,
here just presented to them by Peggy Oldfield.

Posted May 18, 2024:

Another month has slipped by and with it, bowlers have gathered again at Grandview Lanes in Vancouver for another round of laughter and fun.  May 8 was the chosen date and the participants were Neil & Lynn Gillon, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding & Marichu Torrijos.  Bill Murray enlivened the morning showing support for the Vancouver Canucks, wearing the jersey he was gifted on retirement from B.C. Ferries (his second career following retirement from CBC Vancouver) and displaying a Canucks' playoff towel from 2011.  A selection of fresh fruit and cookies was supplied by Peggy Oldfield. The Men's Trophy continues to be absent so Bill Murray loaned a trophy his grandfather had won for the winner on this occasion.  Following the games, Neil, Lynn, Michael, Eleanor and Peggy enjoyed more comaraderie and conversation over lunch at St. Augustine's Pub.  The pub is changing their menu and eliminating their lunch special of the day which has always been a favourite choice with group members, so the group may be looking for another venue in future.  The next bowling date is Wednesday, June 5 so watch for the notice and the decision on where lunch will take place.

In the meantime here are the photos from May 8th....

Fresh fruit and cookies to sustain energy!

Bill Murray beams in support of the Vancouver Canucks!

On the lanes - Neil Gillon and Marichu Torrijos.

Bill Murray and Michael Taylor-Noonan.

EleanorTaylor-Noonan, Lynn Gillon and Neil Gillon peruse the munchies.

Ding Torrijos  gets set for his turn on the alley. 
In the background L-R are Marichu Torrijos, Peggy Oldfield, Lynn Gillon, Neil Gillon and Michael Taylor-Noonan.

Ding Torrijos shows he feels he definitely deserves posing with the !@#$%^&* Stupid Game Trophy!

Ding Torrijos, Lynn Gillon, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Bill Murray and Michael Taylor-Noonan
watch Neil Gillon as he prepares to bowl.

Peggy Oldfield gets to pose with the "Shot of the Day" Trophy.

Lynn Gillon concentrates on those pins. 
Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Neil Gillon and Michael Taylor-Noonan are in the background behind Lynn.

Eleanor Taylor Noonan's turn to have the !@#$%^&* Stupid Game Trophy.

Eleanor & Michael Taylor-Noonan were the winners of the game secret scores. 
Neil Gillon in the background pretending he doesn't notice.

Marichu Torrijos poses for her turn at winning the Shot of the Day Trophy.
Lynn Gillon in fine form on the lane behind Marichu.

Canucks' fan Bill Murray earned a pose with the Shot of the Day Trophy.

Posted April 14, 2024:

Best wishes for speedy healing to Lillian Hanson and to Lori Mundy, both of whom are recovering from a broken wrist.  Lillian was bowled over by an over-friendly dog and Lori tripped.  

Once-per-month 5 pin bowling at Grandview Lanes took place on April 10th with participants Alex Kerr (who travelled from Victoria), Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding & Marichu Torrijos.  Marichu and Peggy provided cookies and fruit-filled croissants to keep everyone's energy up.  Following the games, Alex, Michael, Eleanor, Ding, Marichu and Peggy relaxed over a leisurely lunch at St. Augustine's Pub.  The next gathering for bowling and/or lunch is Wednesday, May 8th.

Treats provided by Marichu Torrijos and Peggy Oldfield.

Eleanor & Michael Taylor-Noonan watch Alex Kerr in action.

Marichu Torrijos and Alex Kerr on the lanes.  Ding Torrijos and Bill Murray in the background.

L-R:  Ding Torrijos, Bill Murray, Alex Kerr and Eleanor Taylor-Noonan.

Eleanor Taylor-Noonan does a victory dance after getting a strike!

Ding & Marichu Torrijos sport matching t-shirts from a recent holiday.

Marichu Torrijos bowls while Peggy Oldfield waits to take another photo.

Eleanor wins the Women's Trophy for beating her average and Bill wins the Men's
though the trophy has gone missing to an absent bowler.

Alex Kerr demonstrating excellent form.

Michael Taylor-Noonan seriously contemplates his shot.

Marichu Torrijos demonstrates her own flashy bowling style.

Alex Kerr shows off his second trophy of the day - this one for the shot of the game.

Special days for the month of April filled the Bingo Card!

Wrapping it up for the day - L-R: Bill Murray, Marichu Torrijos, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Michael Taylor-Noonan and Ding Torrijos.

Posted March 17, 2024:

The CBC/SRC Association monthly bowling took place on March 6th but St. Patrick's day was definitely evident in the wearin' o' the green as well as the serviettes and paper plate on the goody "table" i.e., counter. You may remember that in Bill Murray's promo for the event, he cited numerous special days in March that could be acknowledged and while no one showed up wearing a toga, there were Pink Poodle socks modelled by Anne Mathisen acknowledging Barbie and other splashes of pink and yellow which the group readily stretched belief to say they were in recognitiion of Barbie and Big Bird. Munchies included coconut shortbread from Mirachu & Ding Torrijos and veggies plus dip, cookies and mini muffins from Peggy OldfieldNeil & Lynn Gillon, Anne Mathisen, Bill Murray and Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan joined Ding & Marichu and Peggy for bowling.  Ever creative Bill Murray brought three new trophies - a replacement for the previously damaged ladies' one plus brand new "Shot of the Day" and "Frustration" trophies.  "Shot of the Day" could be claimed by any bowler making a shot they and/or the other bowlers deemed worthy and the "Frustration" one is rather self-explanatory!  Following the fun of the games, Neil, Lynn, Anne, Michael, Eleanor, Peggy, Ding and Marichu relaxed over lunch at St. Augustine's Pub.  The next bowling and pub lunch date is Wednesday, April 10th - come join the group for one or both!

Macadamia Shortbread Cookies from Marichu & Ding Torrijos; veggie & dip, mini muffins and cookies from Peggy Oldfield.  It takes a little imagination but try to believe the yellow icing is for Big Bird, the coloured sprinkles in the cookies for Barbie and the green celery for St. Patrick's Day!

Anne Mathisen shows off her Pink Poodle socks for a "Barbie" theme!

The brand new Female Bowler trophy replacement created by Bill Murray.

The "Shot of the Day" creation by Bill Murray.  What it's "awarded" for can be changed to suit the whims of the bowlers!

Having a frustrating game?  You can claim this new creation of Bill Murray's and pose for a photo!

Anne Mathisen, Bill Murray and Ding Torrijos paying serious attention to the action on the lanes.

Lynn Gillon plots how to best knock down all the pins. 
Behind her, L-R, Neil Gillon, Eleanor & Michael Taylor-Noonan and Ding Torrijos.

Bill Murray standing against the pole ready to take a photo while Lynn Gillon chooses her bowling ball and
Michael Taylor-Noon gets ready to send his down the lane.

Marichu Torrijos on the bowling lane; Michael Taylor-Noonan, Neil Gillon, Lynn Gillon,
Bill Murray and Ding Torrijos are in the background.

Michael Taylor-Noonan and Bill Murray on the lanes.  Behind Bill, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Lynn Gillon and Ding Torrijos.

Eleanor Taylor-Noonan's strike earned her the right to pose with the Shot of the Day Trophy!

Michael Taylor-Noonan (on the bowling lane) confers with Bill Murray. 
Surrounding Bill are Neil & Lynn Gillon, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding Torrijos.

Neil Gillon and Ding Torrijos in action.  Behind them are Bill Murray and Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan.

Call it the Frustration Tophy or the Stupid Game Trophy - but Lynn Gillon felt the need to grab it!

L-R: Bill Murray, Michael Taylor-Noonan, Lynn Gillon, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Anne Mathisen.

A reaction from Lynn Gillon who's just bowled a strike while Neil Gillon's looking good to do the same.

Time for the Bingo Game with the card created by Bill Murray.

Ding Torrijos, Bill Murray and Peggy Oldfield show off their shades of green for St. Patrick's Day.


Posted February 11, 2024:

With the turn of the calendar to a new month, the CBC/SRC Association bowlers gathered together on the 7th at Grandview Lanes for another few hours of fun on the five-pin lanes.  Neil & Lynn Gillon, Anne Mathisen, Rod & Lori Mundy, Bill Murray and Peggy Oldfield bowled and Neil Simpson arrived in time to cheer the teams on during the Bingo Game.  Treats to enjoy abounded with boxed chocolates from Lori & Rod Mundy, chocolate hearts from Bill Murray and mini Valentine themed chocolate and vanilla cupcakes from Peggy Oldfield.  The male and female trophies were awarded based on secret scores, to Rod & Lori Mundy.  Lori got to pose or a photo with hers but the trophy (nicknamed "Maxine") had sustained an injury, so instead of Lori taking her home for the next month, she journeyed home with Bill Murray for repair.  Other commitments prevented the entire troupe from continuing on to the pub lunch, but Anne Mathisen, Peggy Oldfield and Neil Simpson enjoyed the food and conversation afterwards at St. Augustine's.  

Lynn Gillon, Peggy Oldfield, Lori Mundy and Anne Mathisen all sporting shades of red and pink for Valentine's Day.

Rod Mundy and Bill Murray on the lanes.  Lori Mundy, Anne Mathisen and Neil Gillon can be seen behind them.

Anne Mathisen pays serious attention to the bowling pins.  Lynn & Neil Gillon are at the counter behind Anne.

Rod Mundy, Bill Murray and Neil Gillon looking seriously determined.

Lori Mundy is set to knock those pins down.  Neil Gillon and Anne Mathisen are in the background watching.

Neil Gillon and Peggy Oldfield on the lanes.

"Maxine" seriously injured and knocked off her pedestal.

The unidentified perp tries to repair the damage.

Maybe he needs a first aid refresher course?

Lori Mundy was the female bowler to come closest to the hidden score. 
The "Maxine" trophy was presented to her by Peggy Oldfield, but instead of keeping Maxine for the next month,
Lori had to relinquish her back to Bill Murray to carry out proper repair.

Bill Murray presented the male trophy to Rod Mundy for coming closest to the hidden score
and as Rod's trophy is unscathed, he gets to take it home for the next month!

Bill Murray designed and created a new trophy for the team runners-up in the Bingo Game!

From Jeff Groberman:

A new book!  Jeff has published a sequel to his travel adventures Grobetrotting, entitled Grobetrotting Stikes Again!  Jeff is offering the sequel which takes you along on his adventures to the heart of Africa, through the vibrant cultures of Mexico, Central and South America, and on detours to the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand and Spain. For those of you who journeyed with Jeff through the first book, this next chapter promises even more exhilaration and discovery.

You can find both volumes available on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and other online platforms. The eBook is priced at $5.99, and the paperback at $15.99. As a token of his appreciation for your unwavering support, Jeff is offering an exclusive pre-launch discount to you: the eBook for just $2.99 and the paperback for $10.50, available for the next two weeks. Additionally, I'm matching the price for the original Grobetrotting: Traveling the World Laugh by Laugh during this period. 

For those of you in the Vancouver region, Jeff will be participating in the  Annual JCC Book Festival at the Vancouver Jewish Community Centre at 950 West 41st Avenue at 11:30 on Monday, February 12th.  He'll  be reading selections from the new book and signing copies. 

Posted January 15, 2024:

The CBC/SRC Association 5 Pin Bowling at Grandview Lanes in Vancouver kicked off the new year on January 10th with a great turnout both for bowling and for the lunch at St. Augustine's Pub which followed.  Ten participants shared a lot of laughs throughout the three games - Neil & Lynn Gillon, Anne Mathisen, Rod & Lori Mundy, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield, Neil Simpson and Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan.  Eleanor Taylor-Noonan provided cookies to sustain the group's energy and they were eagerly gobbled up through the play. The "regular" bowlers were very happy to welcome Neil Simpson as a first-time participant with the group and hope not only that Neil will return frequently but that seeing a newcomer will encourage others to join in!   Not only was Neil bowling with the group for the first time but he won the take-home-for-a-month trophy by exceeding his first game score in the second by the most points.  Lynn Gillon was the female winner for achieving that same feat.  Maurice Moses stopped by to cheer the bowlers on in the Bingo Game and joined everyone at St. Augustine's Pub for a short visit.  Bowlers Neil & Lynn Gillon, Anne Mathisen, Rod & Lori Mundy, Peggy Oldfield, Neil Simpson and Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan were joined at the pub by Louella Quan Charlston, Manjula Dufresne, Joan Engel & Bill Scholey and Beth McArthur as well as Maurice.  Everyone is hoping this augers well for lots of you to join us in the future!

Here are a few photos from the day...

Eleanor Taylor-Noonan asks, "What does one have to do to get a spare around here?"

Lori Mundy heads onto the lane while Eleanor & Michael Taylor-Noonan, Neil Gillon and Bill Murray watch what's going on.

Lynn Gillon returns to her seat.  That happy look is due to her finally getting a strike!

Neil Simpson, Rod Mundy, Eleanor Tatlor-Noonan, Lynn Gillon, Neil Gillon, Bill Murray,
Michael Taylor-Noonan and Anne Mathisen react to action on the lanes.

Neil Simpson and Bill Murray take their turn on the lanes.
Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Lori Mundy and Rod Mundy observe in the background.

Lynn Gillon wins the female "take-home-for-a-month" trophy.  It ws presented to her by Peggy Oldfield.

Beginner's luck!  Neil Simpson wins the male "take-home-for-a-month" trophy, presented to him by Bill Murray.

Neil Simpson, Peggy Oldfield, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Rod Mundy watch the Bingo Game action.  Peggy is ready to cross off another square on the score sheet, hopefully!