Merry  Christmas  and  Happy  Holidays
from  All  of  Us  to  All  of  You!

  After reading Chris Paton's article looking back at the talented 
  artists and staff of CBC Vancouver's Design Department, Alan
  Waterman shared the story of purchasing a CBC Designer
  sketch at an auction conducted to sell off CBC Design
  properties following the demise of the department. Alan
  remembers being fascinated by watching Rich Little work every
  day on the show and the drawing brought back those wonderful
  memories of Rich Little's Christmas Carol produced in 1978.

  The sketch, now framed, which hangs in the family room of
  Alan's home was drawn by Douglas Higgins.  It was the
  concept for a street scene in the Special and in ensuing years
  hung on a wall in the Carpentry Shop at 700 Hamilton Street.

  With a special thank-you to Alan Waterman for providing a photo of Douglas Higgins' wonderful sketch from Rich Little's Christmas Carol, we present it here along with Merry Christmas wishes from your team and all its contributors.

Do you have any artwork created by the talented CBC Vancouver Designers in your own personal collection?  If so, send us a photo and the story of how it came to be in your possession and we will be delighted to share it on  Contact us at