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Where were you in 1963?   That was the year the Simon Fraser University was founded; Lester Pearson's Liberals defeated John Diefenbaker's PCs; the NFB's documentary on pop singer Paul Anka, Lonely Boy, won at the Canadian Film Awards; CBC-TV was first to report President John Kennedy's assassination; the FLQ set off first bombs in Montreal; Beatlemania was rampant; at the Academy Awards, film "Tom Jones," Sydney Poitier, Patricia Neal and song "Call Me Irresponsible" were winners; at the Emmy awards - The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Andy Williams Show and "The Defenders" were winners; at the Tony Awards - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum won; at the Grey Cup Hamilton Tiger Cats won 21-10 over the B.C,Lions; in Heavyweight Championship Sonny Liston knocked out Floyd Patterson; Jack Nicklaus won Masters and PGA Golf Tournaments; in Stanley Cup Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Detroit Red Wings 4 - 1; Martin Luther King delivered his "I have a dream" speech; Zip codes introduced; Studebaker ended production: Alcatraz closed; and tape cassettes were invented by the Netherlands! 

For this edition of Photo Scrapbook, CBC Vancouver Archives kindly provided us (thanks to Brenda Kilpatrick) with CBC Times booklets which contain details of Radio and Television programs for each month from which we extracted the 1963 photos below (with apologies for the quality) and texts.  For those who remember the sixties, we feel sure the following will bring back happy memories of CBC programs and performers from Radio and Television.  Names highlighted indicate those seen in the photos.
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1. In January 1963, Bill Good celebrates his 20th year on CBC radio. During those years he has covered almost every variety of sport and has travelled across Canada and visited many parts of the world as CBC sports commentator. His sports news reports on CBC radio twice a day - 8am and 5:50pm - are heard not only in British Columbia but in Whitehorse and northern Washington. Of all sports he has covered, though, one remains his favourire - curling. He not only follows the sport, he participates in it whenever his broadcasting schedule allows.
2.  For the program Bizarre, CBUT's Roving Eye Hilda Mortimer will visit the YWCA building while husband Ross Mortimer is pictured in front of the YMCA building which will be the subject of a full hour program the following Monday.  Program host Doug Campbell will interview many of the designers and show several of the model rooms from Decorama on Wednesday, February 6 at 12:30 pm. The program visits Decorama just before opening night.  The exhibition which will show the latest trends in interior decoration is the third to be held in Vancouver and the first since 1956. In this setting, Barney Potts will present a talented newcomer to showbusiness as he does each Wednesday on the program.
3. The theme of Friday's show is "Denmark" and Frank Wade is pictured with his guest, a great dane. Ross and Hilda will talk with representatives of the country and Rod Falconer of the CBC Automobile Association will give driving tips to Canadians travelling to Europe with special reference to Denmark.
4.  Showcase: Sextet, a program of humor and nonsense, is the latest series-of-four presentations and will begin Friday, March 1 at 10:30pm. Featured will be six Vancouver entertainment personalities who are (top row left to right) Doug Parker, Roma Hearn, David Hughes; and (bottom row) Doug Campbell, John Avison and Bob Switzer. Comedy sketches and routines will be partly ad-lib, partly scripted and occasionally topical. Music by Messrs. Parker and Avison will be strictly for fun also.
5.  Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster present their fourth and final CBC-TV Special of the season, Wednesday May 15 at 8pm. Among the major sketches on the show are: Moscow choir - a satire on the current craze for touring Cossack singers and dancers; The Professor - roving reporter Shuster interview Professor Waynegartner, world's foremost income tax consultant; Mutiny on the Poopdeck - Captain Shuster, a strict disciplinarian in the British Navy of the 18th century, sets sail for the South Seas with a new first officer, the foppish, flamboyant Fletcher Wayne. Also featured are singer Shirley Harmer and dancer Don Gillies.
6.  Monday, May 20 at 9pm. Broadway Holiday on CBC radio, which will originate in Vancouver this week, will be a salute to Broadway composer Richard Rodgers. Broadway musical comedy star Pat Suzuki, who has just completed a Vancouver night club engagement, and tenor Maurice Pearson, together with the 30 piece orchestra led by Dave Robbins, will present a selection of Rodgers' most famous melodies.  Introducing the program will be Diahann Carroll, currently starring in Rodgers' Broadway hit, No Strings. Introducing each number will be Rodgers himself by means of tape recordings made in New York by producer Bob Wagstaff especially for this program.  Maurice Pearson will sing Younger than Springtime from Rodgers-Hammerstein's South Pacific and one from the Rodgers-Hart collaboration. Pal Joey - I Could Write a Book.  Program is produced in Vancouver with host Bob Switzer.
7.  June: Jazz singer Ken Colman with the Ray Sikora (trombone) Orchestra are featured on Showcase produced this week in the Vancouver studios by Ain Soodor. Colman Ludwig, later Kenny Ludwig then Kenny Colman, grew up in the north end of Winnipeg, played hockey in Prince George in 1954 and for the Nanaimo Clippers in 1956 before moving on to Vancouver as an all night DJ at CFUN although he wasn't into Elvis, rock and roll.  From there he went to Bermuda, but it was in New York in 1960 that jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughn and husband C B Atkins heard him sing, contracted him and got him his first singing gig at the Flamingo Hotel Lounge, Las Vegas, on a bill with Harry James for 3 weeks, followed by Lionel Hampton for another 3 weeks.  
8. Chef John Lindenlaub (left) begins the summer evening series of Cuisine shows Wednesday at 7:30pm, while Terry Garner (tight) hosts the special 60 minute finale of the Reach for the Top telecasts Thursday July 4 at 7pm.
9. July 6: That Was the Week That Was, the controversial BBC-TV television series that has drawn attention throughout the world, will be the subject of a documentary especially prepared for Saturday evening July 6 at 8:30pm. Prepared in England by Canadian freelance writer and critic Bill Solly at the request of program organizer Allan Campbell of CBC Vancouver, it is a view of TW-3 seen through the eyes of the producers and those who appear on the program weekly. Excerpts from the actual TV soundtrack will be featured throughout. Those interviewed by Solly include David Frost (not pictured), the show's chief performer; producer Ned Sherrin (8), whose idea it was; Millicent Martin (2) who sings the introductory theme song; William Rushton (5) who specializes in caricatures of Tory members; Bernard Levin (not pictured) described as the show's hatchet man; Lance Percival (3); Roy Kinnear (4); Kenneth Cope (6);  David Kernan (7). (Our apologies: 2 faces are unidentified. At a guess Kenneth Cope at top right and Ned Sherrin at bottom)
10. Those Were the Days turns its full attention to the year 1928 when Al Jolson was the biggest attraction at the box office and Percy Williams was the biggest name in Canadian sports. On the program Lance Harrison with his Dixieland band will lead the house orchestra, Bill Bellman will again be host, and the cast will include Barney Potts, Pat Morgan, Thora Anders, Betty Hilker and Pat Walker.  Pat, making her first appearance on the program since her throat operation one year ago, will sing Shakin' the Blues Away. Research and script is by Dave Brock and the program is produced by Neil Sutherland.
11. Each week on Channel 2's The Open Road, Wednesdays at 7pm, Chess Lyons presents his films of B.C. and talks about the lore of the land.  Thus far he has discussed the Fraser Canyon and on north to Cache Creek; the Okanagan Valley north; and the Hope-Princeton Highway area. This Wednesday on July 24, he will devote the program to the boundary country - the area that lies between the Okanagan and the Kootenays. Films wll show the country from highway 3, Osoyoos to Grand Forks.
12.  The first of a new series of musical productions on CBUT's Showcase will be telecast Friday August 2 at 10:30pm.  Featured will be Eleanor Collins accompanied by the Dave Robbins Sextet. The members are Robbins, trombone; Don Thompson, vibes; Fraser MacPherson, flute; Paul Ruhland, bass; Al Johnson, drums. Robbins promises a program mainly featuring "soft but swinging sounds."  The series will be produced in CBC Vancouver studios by Michael Rothery.
13.  On CBC radio on Thursday at 10.15pm, writer and broadcaster David Brock will be heard in the fifth of a series of six talks on Cities of Men and Manners, a collection of very personal observations on cities in which Dave has lived and/or visited frequently. This week he will discuss Los Angeles and adjacent Hollywood which he revisited early this year in connection with film research for Some of Those Days. And on Some of Those Days this week (Sunday, August 4 at 7:30pm) will be a Brock-eye view of the manners and customs, fads and fancies of the era just at the outbreak of the first World War.  Brock's script is spoken by program host Bill Bellman.
14.  The Brian Gibson Six vocal group make their CBC radio network debut this week on Broadway Holiday, Monday, September 9 at 9pm. The group will be accompanied by trombonist Ray Sikora's 16 piece orchestra.  The Gibson Six will make their first television appearance this week on Channel 2's Showcase, again accompanied by Ray Sikora leading a smaller group. They are also heard each Monday at 6:30pm on CBC Radio's Pacific network on their own program accompanied by the Dave Robbins quintet.  All of the Gibson Six are UBC students and three of the boys are trombone students of Dave Robbins. (UPDATE: Group consisted of Brian "Hoot" Gibson, Nola Gibson (nee Waugh), Judith Forst (later of Metropolitan Opera), Brian Griffiths, Bob Hamper, Michael Cassbegs).
15. A concert of folk music will be presented September 16 before an invited audience in Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Playhouse will be broadcast on two consecutive Country Holiday shows, Tuesdays, September 17 and 24 at 9:30pm on CBC radio. The shows are produced by John Must. Featured performers are singer Claire Klein and guitarist Forbes Headrick, balladeer Bud Spencer who will play both guitar and banjo, and an instrumental quartet conducted by Doug Parker. Program host will be Bill Phillips.
16.  Lolly Too Dum - Back after an absence of several seasons are Betty Phillips and Ernie Prentice.(left) with the orchestra of George Calangis. Joining in the singing of songs from many lands each Thursday will be a different guest artist. This week's guest: Jim Johnson
Reach For The Top, the popular game of knowledge returns at a new day of the week, Tuesdays at 7:30pm. This week the quizmaster Terry Garner (right) fires questions to Vancouver Alpha with team members from Gladstone and Prince of Wales, and to Vancouver Beta with team members from Britannia and Lord Byng.
17.  Country Holiday's Bud Spencer and Claire Klein will be featured on CBC television this week as Claire makes a guest appearance with Bud on Come Listen Awhile, Tuesday October 8 at 5:30pm. The program is produced by Alex Pratt.
18.  The Pat and Gloria Show, produced by Bob Wagstaff at 6:30pm on CBC radio, will feature the singing voices of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan in a wide variety of popular songs in an informal setting.  Accompaniment  will be provided by a quintet led by trumpet-man, Bobby Hales. Other members of the quintet will be Dave Quarin, sax; Doug Parker, piano; Tony Clitheroe, bass; George Ursan, drums.
19.  This week CBUT inaugurates a regular schedule of television broadcasts in the morning hours starting at 10am with the National School Telecasts. From 10:30 to 11;00 am there will be programs for pre-schoolers: Chez Helene (Baillargeon) and Nursery School Time. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am, Hilda and Ross Mortimer, Doug Campbell, Betty Phillips, Norman Young and Bruno Cimolai will present The Morning Show produced by Keith Christie in the Vancouver studios. Monday and Friday shows will be on location productions with Ross and Doug as hosts for the Friday shows and Hilda and Doug being the hosts on Mondays.
20.  Vancouver-born John Avison on Point of View is a regular on CBC radio programs. The renowned conductor-pianist was the founding conductor of the Vancouver Chamber Orchestra and a member of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. From the 1940s to 1959, the VSO performed at the Georgia Auditorium and then moved to the new Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

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1. Bill Good

1. Bill Good

2. Ross and Hilda Mortimer

2. Ross and Hilda Mortimer

3. Frank Wade

3. Frank Wade

4. Doug Parker, Roma Hearn, David Hughes, Doug Campbell, John Avison and Bob Switzer

4. Doug Parker, Roma Hearn, David Hughes, Doug Campbell, John Avison and Bob Switzer

5.  Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster

5. Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster

6.  Maurice Pearson

6. Maurice Pearson

7.  Ken Coleman

7. Ken Coleman

8.  John Lindenlaub, Terry Garner

8. John Lindenlaub, Terry Garner

9. That Was the Week That Was

9. That Was the Week That Was

10. Lance Harrison

10. Lance Harrison

11.  Chess Lyons

11. Chess Lyons

12.  Eleanor Collins

12. Eleanor Collins

13. Dave Brock

13. Dave Brock

14.  The Brian Gibson Six

14. The Brian Gibson Six

15.  Bud Spencer

15. Bud Spencer

16.  Betty & Ernie in Lolly-Too-Dum / Terry Garner in Reach for the Top

16. Betty & Ernie in Lolly-Too-Dum / Terry Garner in Reach for the Top

17.  Bud & Claire in Come Listen Awhile

17. Bud & Claire in Come Listen Awhile

18.  Pat and Gloria Morgan

18. Pat and Gloria Morgan

19  Helene Baillargeon,  Ross Mortimer, Betty Phillips, Norman Young

19 Helene Baillargeon, Ross Mortimer, Betty Phillips, Norman Young

20.   John Avison

20. John Avison