1986 "New Lang Syne" Crew at Canada Place

The CBC Vancouver Photo Boards created by Bruce McDonald have yielded our new Flashback with thanks once again to Glenn Weston for the hours he has spent recapturing those pictures with his camera.  The crew picture that is the subject of this Flashback was taken at Canada Place on the night of the one-hour live broadcast of the Variety Special New Lang Syne.  Depending on what time it was taken, that was December 31, 1985 or January 1, 1986!  The show was a kick-off to Expo '86 in Vancouver.  Guests included David Foster, Expo Ernie, Valri Bromfield, Luba, Sean Thompson (on Parliament Hill), pianist Jon Kimura Parker, Paul Janz, Bob Robertson, and the West Coast cast of Ain't Misbehavin'.  The Special also featured filmed greetings from Wayne Gretzky, Carling Bassett, Bill Bennett, Corey Hart, Grace McCarthy, Mike Harcourt, Al Waxman, Patrick Reid, Knowlton Nash and Bryan Adams. The Co-hosts for the evening were Michael J. Fox and Jackson Davies.  It was noted that Michael was then "sporting perhaps the faintest moustache of all time".

Executive Producer was Jack Budgell; Producers, Gary Blye and Chris Paton; Director, Michael Watt.  Writers were Danny Mann, Valri Bromfield, Bob Robertson and Jackson Davies.  Maurice Moses was Unit Manager.

L-R:  Nick Roberts (Lighting Technician) , Roman Fister (Lighting Technician), Bruce Fletcher (Lighting Technician), Bill Moore (Audio Assistant), Simon Hunt (TV Assistant), Amir Mohammed (Lighting Director) and Gunther Zellmer (Senior Lighting Technician).

Today Bruce Fletcher says he's "alive and well in Gibsons".  Amir Mohammed reports that he is well and just waiting for the rain to abate to enjoy some gardening and golfing.  Glenn Weston has been able to supply the information that Nick Roberts was working as the patch bay technician on hockey games at Rogers Arena but Glenn believes he may now be fully retired.  Since retiring from CBC, Bill Moore has also worked occasional hockey games at Rogers Arena but has cut back on doing these in the past year.  Glenn reports also that Simon Hunt is still working very actively in the IATSE union and on set for various film projects shooting in Vancouver.

Grateful appreciation goes to Amir Mohammed and Bruce Fletcher for their assistance in identifying when, where and for what program the photo was taken, and to them as well as Glenn Weston for information on what each member of the group is going today.

Sadly, Roman Fister and Gunther Zellmer have each passed away.

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May 15:  Talkabout Wrap Party

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