Elie Savoie Retirement Party, CBC Vancouver, 1989

This Flashback comes from the collection of Elie & Darleen Savoie. Elie applied for a position with CBC television in February 1964, was accepted and joined the staff in the transmitter booth as an on-air Production Co-ordinator. Six months later he became Production Assistant for Neil Sutherland on his network variety series Some Of Those Days and also worked on local productions from sports to news to mobile community programming. Approximately six months later, Neil - wanting to try other creative venues - gave Elie his first opportunity as Producer/Director. After the demise of Some Of Those Days, Elie produced a season of Reach For The Top, was daily producer for the  daily news and current affairs program Hourglass, produced a few documentary projects and then gravitated to his first area of interest, Drama. He worked on Pacific Theatre, The Magic Lie, etc. and finally, in its development year, was attached to The Beachcombers where he eventually served as a Director (over 30 episodes), Line-Producer and finally, Executive Producer. In 1977 he accepted the post of Program Director in Regina and subsequently to Windsor as Director of Television.  He returned to Vancouver in December of 1983 as Program Director and in (approx.) the fall of 1986 became Program Development Manager working with independent producers to develop regional programs in association with the independent production community.  Elie retired in 1989 and worked for a short time as a consultant and independent producer and continued thereafter to be involved in production of stage plays and live concerts in the Lower Mainland. Sadly, Elie passed away on June 28, 2019.

Our photo  is a group shot taken at Elie’s 1989 CBC Vancouver retirement party which was held in the Regional Director’s Hospitality Suite on the 2nd Floor of  the 700 Hamilton Street offices and studios.


L-R front row (seated):  ???Irene Coutts, Janet Pollock (legs only showing), Wayne Skene.  And, in case you’re wondering, that’s Len Lauk’s arm coming into the photo above Wayne’s head!

L-R front row (standing):  Helve Raun Ranniste, ?? , John Seale (seated on back of couch), Philip Keatley, Vern Chilton, Kaye Maxwell, Janet Houldsworth, Ron Mahy.

L-R (back row):  ? (at extreme left edge of frame) , Stephanie Nolin, Robert Sunter (behind Stephanie), ? , Rudy Penitsch, Red Robinson, ?Maurice Moses (behind Kaye Maxwell), ? , Phil Kusie. 

August 15: Track Meet Crew in Victoria, 1978 from the collection of Ray Waines.
Sept. 1:       TBA

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