CBC Vancouver "Talkabout" Series Wrap Party - 1989

From the CBC Vancouver photo boards we have another gem thanks to the initiative of Bruce McDonald in creating them and Glenn Weston for more recently recapturing those pictures with his camera.

The new Flashback looks at some of the production team enjoying themselves at the wrap party for the Talkabout word-game series which aired in the 1988/89 season.  The series was created by Mark Maxwell-Smith who at age 20 was considered a game show veteran!  Mark presented the concept to Comedia Productions in Toronto.  Development proceeded with Comedia Productions and the Taffner Group before taking the proposal to CBC.  130 episodes were taped in CBC Vancouver's Studio 40 at 700 Hamilton Street.  Wayne Cox was the series' Host and narration was done by Vancouver radio personality Dean Hill.  Series' Producers were Don Taffner, Steve Glassman and Deb Sanderson; Michael Watt was the Director.

Each half-hour program had two pairs of contestants in play.  A topic was provided and the players of one team were each allowed 20 seconds to talk about everything he or she knew pertaining to that subject.  Points were scored as each player unknowingly mentioned words which were actually hidden clues to the subject  (ten clues per subject).  The competing team wore headphones during that round and subsequently had to guess the topic based on the clue words not yet revealed.

Talkabout was cancelled after one season on CBC but was picked up for American TV syndication, airing in 1989-1990 and had repeat broadcasts in the U.S. in 1993 and from 2011 to 2015.

L-R:  Pat Ferns (Executive Producer), Michael Watt (Director), Wayne Cox (Host), Jack Bell (Technical Producer) and Deb Sanderson (Producer).

Special thanks to Michael Watt for his assistance with photo I.D.'s.

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