CBC Vancouver Newsletter


A Year End Note from Johnny to all staff.

Well 2020. You have been a tough year. You have also been a very long year. But you didn’t beat us. Because I work with amazing people, and together they are an unstoppable force.

Breaking news is sometimes the most energetic thing that can fuel this industry. It is what many of you are trained for and always excel at. But breaking news isn’t meant to continue on and on. It is meant to ebb and flow. This year the breaking news and the rollercoaster of the pandemic have been relentless. And you have all given your best selves, working hard, turning out quality content, keeping communities connected, and keeping the public informed - all while adjusting to uncertainty, endless new rules, changing work procedures, and working remote from each other. You have done this with grace, dignity and all of the values that we stand for as the public broadcaster.

I know it has been hard. And it continues to be hard. So with that, I want you to reflect on the work you have done in 2020, and know that not only is it formidable by regular standards, but to cover anti-racism, elections, politics, the pandemic itself, the goodness of humanity and many other stories, all with the added pressures that we have had this year, lends itself to work that is simply outstanding. Work that you as the western team can be proud of. BC and Alberta just this month have raised over 4.5 million dollars for local food banks, so celebrate the impact that you make.

We entered last year with an outlook of one division, a path forward to unify and strengthen the work we do, while truly reflecting Canadians and their stories. And while this year may have felt like one where we struggled to remain connected, I believe that in ways we have connected with each other more than ever. We have learned to appreciate each other and the ways we work together, we have learned how to adapt in times of uncertainty and rise above hardships, we have fast tracked our knowledge of technology and how to use it to our advantage, but most of all, we have learned that we are resilient storytellers, and that the public relies on us to continue to tell their stories. 

This holiday season please enjoy moments with your friends, family, loved ones. Be safe. Look after yourselves, and enjoy what is important. I am looking forward to what 2021 brings for us - after all, when you have been through a year like this one, it is hard not to feel hopeful for a slow news day in our future.

Happy Holidays!


Johnny Michel
Senior Managing Director
British Columbia & Alberta
CBC English Services