Devion's Views #154


Oh, what a tangled web they weave, when they practice to deceive.

Terms of reference:

What is a politician: a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.

What is a snafu: a confused or chaotic state; a mess.

What are flapdoodles: fools.

                                               The tale

Just when we thought we had seen enough political craziness for one month, Canadian taxpayers were informed, on May 29, we own a pipeline company.



Why the hell would "we" decide to do that?

We didn't. Our elected leaders, having painted themselves into a political corner, bought the 65-year-old Trans Mountain Pipeline company...for $4.5 billion...and thereby painted we, the taxpayers, into a quagmire of financial indebtedness.

Now, we, the "flapdoodles", own the pipeline. However, this will do nothing to aleviate the political war between British Columbia, Alberta, the Federal Liberals and First Nations that shows no sign of ending anytime soon and could result in a constitutional crisis.

Under the guise "too big to fail", Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, made the announcement while purposely remaining mute about the added cost of twinning the existing pipeline that Kinder Morgan estimated at $7.4 billion. Billions more taxpayer dollars if no private buyer can be found.

Nor did bagman Billy mention or remind taxpayers that the projected federal deficit for 2018-19 is $18.1 billion and the federal debt is a whopping $1.8 trillion...that we, the "flapdoodles" currently owe.

Don't bother doing the math i.e., dividing the total amount owed by 36 million citizens, it will only make you weep in anger.

If an ordinary taxpayer met with a bank loan officer, explained their financial status (as being similar to what is outlined above), what are the odds they would leave the bank with a mortgage to cover the amount owed?

The math on this one is even easier...Zero!

Also, the Feds now have to build a Crown Corporation bureaucracy to manage "our" pipeline company.

Whoopee and good luck with that.

Cynics could be forgiven for thinking these "masterminds" will hire folks of the ilk that managed the Phoenix computerized payroll fiasco, to run "our" pipeline company.

Whoopee and good luck with that.

Haven't we seen enough examples of politicians that are incapable of managing major infrastructure projects, on time or on budget.

Regardless of which side of the pipeline controversy you're cheering for, the only certainty is that our politicians have, once again, managed to further mortgage our grandchildren's future.

Our pockets are being picked clean with taxes, hidden taxes, fees, etc. yet the politicians blindly proceed to pile on more risk and tax. So long as the "flapdoodles" remain acquiescent, the fiscal madness will continue.

Whatever happens, politicians have created a snafu that generations to come will have to pay for.

...and those responsible know full well they will be long gone before the bill comes due.

                                Devion's mini history lesson

Some day, someone may write a book explaining who's to blame.

It all began a long time ago...

The Vikings, Christopher Columbus, Jacques Cartier, the Queens of England and Spain, the King of France, all sent seafarers in search of riches to pay for their wars.

 The seafarers sailed to the end of the known world and accidentaly bumped into North America.

The people who lived here for thousands of years, greeted the visitors as friendly alien gods, not realizing the aliens would eventually steal their land and destroy their culture.

In the Great White North, acting on orders from the Queen, representatives of Her Majesty, supported by Red Coats and mercenaries, met with Indian Chiefs (remember the aliens believed they had landed in India) to persuade the Aboriginal leaders to sign an X on a piece of paper, in exchange for blankets, beads and booze.

The fact the Chiefs couldn't understand what they were signing, didn't matter to the Queen's representatives.

The marauders pushed farther and farther West clearing the way for European settlers to arrive.

Until arriving at a barrier that acted as "a mountain range too far", The Rockies, and stopped meeting with Aboriginal leaders.

Consequently, First Nations, West of the Alberta border, never ceded their land rights.

There is irony in the fact that the unceded territory became known as British Columbia.

Today there are 198 distinct First Nations in B.C. representing approx. 200,000 people, each with their own traditions and history.

More than 30 First Nation languages and close to 60 dialects are spoken in the province.

Never having ceded their territory, First Nation lawyers have filed claims the land belongs to them, not the Crown.

The "issue" remains unresolved. The courts have left politicians and First Nations endlessly deliberating. Resolution will likely, in the end, be made by the Supreme Court of Canada.

The "issue" casts a dark shadow on the pipeline "fandango" and is so serious that when ultimately resolved will affect all who reside West of the Alberta border.

               And now for another piece of bizarro news from Lotus Land

Just in case you missed it. Saanich-Gulf Islands MP. Elizabeth May, a lawyer and Leader of the Green Party of Canada, pleaded guilty in B.C. Supreme Court to criminal contempt for her role in a Trans Mountain pipeline protest.

Ms. May willfully disobeyed a court order and was fined $1,500 (expensive photo-op).

Ms. May acted as if she was an "ordinary citizen", rather than a member of the chamber that makes Canadian law.

My MP, seems to believe she has a "special right" to willfully defy a court order because of a personally held moral position.

A "special right", bestowed by herself on herself, that supersedes and overrides her duty-bound responsibility as a member of parliament.

Message from a voter:

Ms. May, if you wish to pursue personal moral positions and by doing so decide to willfully break the law, then,

1) Do so on your own dime.

2) Do the honourable thing...resign.

A wise person who lived in Lotus Land for many decades once opined "When God created the Rocky Mountains, all the nuts rolled down to the West Coast."

What else could possibly explain:

a) The second B.C. Premier was a guy who called himself "Amor De Cosmos" which means "Lover of the Universe", whose real name is Bill Smith from Nova Scotia. Amor/Bill was a journalist and founded the Victoria "Daily British Colonist" newspaper. In 1895 De Cosmos was declared insane.

B.C. politics have remained quirky ever since.

b) The current B.C. Premier is John Horgan. His NDP Party actually lost the last election. However, Big John decided to make a "entente cordiale deal" with three elected Greens, led by expert climate scientist, Andrew Weaver, to gain a razor thin majority. This tenuous "arrangement" allows super-green Andrew Weaver, undue influence over Big John. This partly explains B.C's Premier's position on the pipeline fandango, despite 55% of the electorate and 42 First Nations being in favour of building the pipeline.

Strange but true, and only in B.C.

                                       Need a distraction?

If you are in dire need of two hours of temporary relief from all the nonsense, tune in to the Netflix special featuring two very talented comedians, American Steve Martin and Canadian Martin Short. You will not be disappointed.

Above all, keep calm.

Ron Devion, No Guts, No Glory