Devion's Views #153

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE...(posted May 21, 2018)

"All You Need is Love" by The Beatles, was released in 1967; songwriter(s) Lennon-McCartney; written to give the world an easy to understand message.

The song was aimed to foster 'international understanding' in a climate of Cold War hostility, the Vietnam War and revolutionary unrest in the Third World.

Similar unrest continues today and sadly still without apparent solution.

In bygone days, "breaking news" was provided via radio and by boys standing on busy street corners, hollering "Extra, Extra, read all about it"; selling newspapers carrying a bold headline "EXTRA". Some readers may have been one of those boys.

The big story inevitably relayed bad news about events that happened the previous day.

Today, "breaking news" is flashed to electronic devices so frequently, as to render the term meaningless. 

The avalanche of bad news being reported happens within minutes of the event occuring, and is followed by hours of misinformation and speculation by platoons of hired "experts". 

The effect of this 'instantaneous live coverage', without context or balance, sows chaos, fear and confusion for the audience. Cynically, the critical elements of a strategic media plan to increase ratings and advertising dollars.

In the early morning hours of Saturday May 19, a lonely man, facing another sleepless night, sits in front of four television sets that provide the only illumination in the room.

His frustration grows as the hours pass, watching four different cable-news channels carry the same program...a TV show that is not about him.

He fumes "Not even invited to attend. How dare 'they' snub the most powerful man on the planet."

Had he not demonstrated his mastery of the news-cycle with the unending panoply of scandal, salaciousness and shame...that magic elixir that increased their ratings and revenue?

Because of what is happening an ocean away, he realizes nobody is paying attention to him...therefore, the Tweeter-in-Chief tells the voice in his head "No tweet for them."

An African journalist explained "He's like a little boy who never grew up and is in desperate need of love and approval. The more this little boy does not get this love and approval, the more the world inches toward a world war."

Facing a desperate situation during WWII, Winston Churchill, used his eloquence to give his people and the world hope that good will overcome evil.  

...and just when the world needed it most, the Brits, once again, provided the antidote with a powerful message, "All you need is love".

This time, with a fairylale wedding.

Like a ray of golden sunshine, Meghan and Harry broke the cycle of gloom and doom of recent events...if only briefly.

A neighbour, a retired United Church Minister and President of Victoria's Royal Commonwealth Society of Vancouver Island, helped organize a 3 a m. (Pacific Time) "breakfast party" at Victoria's 139-year-old Union Club...not exactly my cup of tea.

Following the event he was quoted in the local paper, by referencing the 1747 English hymn by Charles Wesley, that summarized the emotional reaction of many"I was lost in wonder, love and praise."

Such a comment might even melt hard-hearted anti-monarchists. Even possibly make them concede to being "WOWED" by the spectacle of this 'very different' royal wedding production.

Who could deny 'this one' moved the traditional goal posts into a new century...the 21st.

Camera closeups exposed dismay on faces of several attendees, anticipating traditions to be respected and suddenly, surprise produced quiet "tut-tut'ing" at the unfamiliar goings-on that they were witnessing.

Guess who came to Windsor?

The very moving sermon on 'the power of love' delivered by the most reverend Bishop Michael Curry, of Chicago, the gifted cellist 19-year-old, Sheku Kanneth-Mason, and the diverse Christian gospel group Kingdom Choir, gave performances that blew the doors off St. Georges Chapel.

Such performances would have initiated loud and long applause, in any other venue.

However, many in the audience of this staid milieu were left confused, bewildered and awkwardly silent.

What would Winston Churchill, who played a role in the abdication of Nazi sympathizer, King Edward VIII, think of these changes to traditional royal wedding protocol?

The only one able to approve change was the Queen and she did not deny her personal favourite, Prince Harry and his bride to-be, permission to make the ceremony a reflection of the most contemporary, unconventional members of the House of Windsor.

CNN coverage was wall to wall, with gusto and a noticeable touch of envy.

Anchor, Anderson Cooper, and his co-commentators mentioned, several times, this "celebration of love" between a British royal prince and an American commoner, provided welcome relief for American audiences drowning under a Tsunami of hope-destroying news.

CBC wisely provided several hours of commercial-free coverage.

CNN coverage was interrupted by commercials. 

One in particular stood out, that could be "interpreted" as an American attempt at "editorial levity" in what otherwise could have been a stuffy event. 

With appropriate 'sound effects', (in case you missed it, sounds like purrrrt) the ad explained how to "alleviate farting odour". The ad "accidentally" appeared right after a poignant moment in the proceedings...oops, sorry, purrrt!

The words of Bishop Michael Curry, will be remembered by the worldwide audience of billions, who like those of Churchill provided hope for the future of our world.

His message was clear and simple, "All you the power of love."

There was no mistaking the real love of the newlyweds.

In case you missed it, the Winnipeg Jets have been ousted from their playoff run. 

However, that other Cinderella fairytale continues for the Las Vegas Golden Knights now in the Stanley Cup Final...Go Knights!

Another welcomed distraction from all the craziness.

Ron Devion, No Guts, No Glory