Devion's Views #149

WHAT WILL TOMORROW BRING (posted April 10, 2018)

We are perched on a strange cusp of history. A time when the world feels like it's been turned upside down, and nothing is quite as we imagined.

But, uncertainty is always a precursor to sweeping change. Transformation is always preceded by upheaval and fear.

We are mesmerized by a man who possesses an uncanny ability of finding ways to shock and surprise us every day, and thereby keep the attention focused on him.

He's a wanna-be entertainer, a showboat playing a bizarre, unhinged cartoon character part before live audiences, on television, in the White House and on the world stage.

What drives his super-ego is the need/craving to get a reaction from any audience.

If we stopped paying attention, Donald Trump would soon lose interest and exit the stage.

Winston Churchill said "The price of greatness is responsibility." A prerequisite, however, is a conscience. A leader without one is a menace.

Keep reminding yourself, nothing is permanent.

                                 Stuff that may make you crazy...or not

Emperor 'Crazy Pants', a self-admitted fast learner, stated that after a year and a bit in office, the 'apprenticeship presidency phase' is now concluded.

The following decree was released to the Twitter-sphere from 'El Supremo's' bedroom at 4:12 a.m..

Henceforth I, Donald J. Trump, your greatest president, will rely only upon my superior knowledge, wisdom, exceptional grasp of international affairs, deal making skills and impeccable instincts (greater than any human on the planet) to make decisions affecting the future of the world.

During the brief self-learning interval, I appointed, then fired, dozens of White House "advisors", based on these criteria:

- disloyal to me, you're gone

- more uppity than me, you're gone

- not worthy of being in my presence, you're gone

My rationale: Since I now have a firm grasp of the job, someone like me, possessing an abundance of capabilities, can do without "advisors"; especially those who constantly disagree with me.

                     Scene One: Roger Stone's bedroom, 2:45 a.m. recently

Ring, Ring: "Hello, who the hell is this!"

Voice: "Rog, faithful pal of mine, it's me, Donald."

Stone (annoyed): "Yes, Mr. President. I recognize your voice. Why are you calling me at this hour?"

Trump: "Can't sleep. Just finished watching my fantastic performance in West Virginia on Thursday, for the third time. Want to know if you watched it and what you thought?"

Stone (lying): "I certainly did, from beginning to end. Who wrote your script?"

Trump (proudly): "Nobody, I read two paragraphs on the plane. It was so boring I threw it up in the air, told the audience it was boring and winged it for over an hour."

Stone (curious): "Donald, you seem to be doing that more often. Is that wise sir?"

Trump: "Rog, they loved it almost as much as I did. You saw how they hung on my every word and cheered every time I mentioned, Mexicans, rapists, immigrants, illegals, China, DACA, beautiful coal, the wall, sancturary cities, the ICE guys roughing up the bad guys and throwing them in paddy wagons, my huge crowds, my incredible military, my fantastic greatness."

Stone (rolling his eyes): "But Mr. President you didn't say very much about the tax cuts."

Trump: "Of course not, that was the boring stuff. And besides, they wouldn't understand it anyway. Hell, I don't understand it. Name one Republican or Democrat who would bother reading something called "An Act to provide for reconciliation pursuant to titles I and V or the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2018." On second thought, Bernie probably did."

Stone: "But what about the ballooning debt and deficit? It's out of control. Republicans used to care about that."

Trump: "Old buddy, that's the beauty of it. Not a peep of concern even from Mitch or Paul. My gut tells me so long as my family and our wealthy backers are happy getting richer, and the taxpayers think they're getting a few bucks more and their jobs back, then it's 'no problemo'. When we're long gone, the Democrats inherit the mess and get blamed for not cleaning it up. Genius strategy."

Stone: "What's this about inviting Putin to the White House? That's not going to play well with a lot of voters like the KKK, NRA and Pence's Christian Right."

Trump: "It was Vlad's idea and he's my kind of guy. He insists we meet face to face and privately discuss priorities for next year. I certainly can't go to Moscow. If I said no and piss him off, all hell will break loose...know what I mean...videos, loans, Jared and his Ollie-garks...hello impeachment, bye-bye me."

Stone: "What are you going to do about Mueller? The raid on your lawyer's office was a hell of a ballsy move on his part. Are you concerned?"

Trump: "Don't want to talk about that, I'm really pissed off about it. What I really wanted to talk about was my performance in West Virginia. You haven't said much about it."

Stone: "Mr. President, nobody wings it better than you do. Audiences fill halls all over America to hear you speak. How you can explain complex issues, in a language they understand, is a special gift. (The play on words went unoticed by his greatness) Sir, please, its very late and I have to get some sleep."

Trump: "Alright Rog, you always needed your beauty sleep to keep that thick shock of beautiful white lucky bastard. These chats always make me feel better that everything will work out. And if not, living at the Riyadh Trump Tower won't be too shabby."

Stone: "Good night Mr. President." Hangs up. "Geez, what a jerk."

                              Scene Two: The actual event

On April 5th, Donald Trump flew to West Virginia (coal country) ostensibly to tout his tax cuts.

Quickly abandoning the prepared speech as boring, he freewheel'd his way through another demonstration of his unique Trumpanian-English.

His audience listened in spellbound awe as he fired off sentences that are destined to go down as the most unintelligible in presidential history.

                       A sampling of 'Trumpanian' delivered that night

"We have our intellectual property, and a lot of people don't understand what that means. And it doesn't matter whether you understand it or not."

"Women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before. They don't want to mention that."

"We have the worst laws."

"So this guy, because he's here, now can get the mother and the father and the grandmother and the cousins and the brothers and the sisters and aunts and uncles. This is what the Democrats are doing to you. And they like it because they think they're going to vote Democrat."

"Remember that beautiful arena, it probably held 7,000 people, and we had 20,000, 25,000 people that couldn't get in."

"You're among the - - percentage-wise, you're among the greatest gainers in this country, and I think it's great and if just wasn't that way."

"I always say clean, beautiful coal."

NB: Trump barely talked about the tax cuts at an event specifically organized to talk about the tax cuts...leaving his speechwriters weeping, again.

He summed up the tax cuts bit this way "It's...a lot of people are being helped so much, and so many things in there that we don't even talk about, when you're talking about tooling and trucking and all of the elements of investments that you have to make and now you have one-year expensing."

"So not only will you save a lot of money, because it's a lot of money for a lot of people, but you're also...and not even mention the companies where they're employing because now they have all this incentive."

Winston Churchill just turned over in his grave.

And the leader of the free world, who never consumes alcohol or takes drugs, waited for the applause of the adoring crowd to wash over him. Joining in by gleefully clapping for himself.

An appropriate word for his performance, UNHINGED.

"A monkey could have done far better running a public company than the Republican nominee for President" - Warren Buffet

                        Meanwhile, friction in the Great White North

Albertan's are extremely disapointed, frustrated, upset and angry at the attitude of their fellow citizens who dismiss their concerns suggesting they are anti-environmentalists and complainers.

What do you suppose would happen if any other province was treated the way Alberta has been for decades; as a cash cow without reciprocity.

Place the shoe on another sister's foot and contemplate the result.

What if, say a province like Quebec, was blocked by other provinces from harvesting and transporting billions of resource wealth beneath her soil, despite approval from the federal government.

Trapped revenue that would benefit Quebecers and all Canadians and pay for social programs and infrastructure needs.

What if, say a province like Quebec, never-ever received a single dollar of equalization from sister provinces, even in a time of great need, yet forced to continue to pay billions to other provinces, by an unfair, archaic federally imposed formula.

Quebecer's fury at such treatment would justify another vote for separation, n'est-ce-pas?

                Consider this before you cast aspersions at Alberta

The 'Equalization Program' started in 1957.

Since its inception the 'Lifetime Payments' are listed below:

Quebec                                 $198 billion

Manitoba                               $ 48 billion

Nova Scotia                           $  44 billion

Newfoundland and Labrador  $ 25 billion 

Ontario                                    $ 17 billion

P.E.I.                                        $  9 billion

Saskatchewan                         $  8 billion

British Columbia                      $  3 billion

Alberta                                     $     Zero   Yes, folks that's a fact, nothing

The formula is grossly unfair to Alberta.

Especially galling for Albertans, while never receiving equalization payments and forced to contribute to the "so-called" have-nots, are repaid for their generosity by being turned-against with protests, blockades and lobbying from the recipients.

Fact: For Canada's economy to function efficiently, pipelines West, South and East are needed.

Fact: Additional Canadian refining capacity is a critically important factor.

Fact: Transporting refined oil products by pipeline is environmentally friendly.

Fact: There is a level of unseemly hypocrisy when some provincial governments, environmental crusaders and First Nation groups, who constantly demand more and more $ from taxpayers, block the very source of wealth that would pay for their demands.

Truth, reconciliation and not a one way street.

Albertan's are justifiably "mad as hell" and may decide to do exactly what Quebecers would do in similar circumstances; vote to separate.

Ron Devion, No Guts, No Glory