Devion's Views #139

WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN...(posted Jan. 12/18)

The title of a popular song performed by several recording artists, including a favourite - The Carpenters, in 1970.

Usually, the eve of a 'relatively normal' new year prompts reflection on the year just past, from lessons learned, resolutions, predictions, and prognostications on the year to come.

However, events happening during the first few weeks of 2018, make many dread the outcome of impulsive and unwise decisions by the world's powerful.

WE'VE ONLY JUST face exactly what?

                                 RESOLUTION: A firm decision to do or not to do something

Victoria Times Colonist humourist, Jack Knox's take on life's trials and tribulations is the reason why so many of us who live on beautiful Vancouver Island, look forward to reading his uplifting columns (and books) enabling the day to start with a smile and a chuckle.

About resolutions he writes:

"Resolutions are about what is lacking. They are about not being fit enough, rich enough, attractive enough, accomplished enough.

Resolutions are less about being imbued with determination and hope than they are about being hobbled by regret.

Resolutions are about looking in the mirror and seeing faults so deep the doctor takes your blood pressure with a seismograph.

It wouldn't be so bad if we followed through with our self-improvement promises, but most of us don't.

A commonly stated statistic states just eight percent of people stick with their resolutions.

Psychology Today estimated one in five of us will have pulled the 'chute' already, resolve having disappeared faster than an election promise. Then we feel even worse, our deficiences compounded by failure.

Me, I prefer to give up by Jan. 2nd."

Unlike many who solemnly resolve to lose weight, Jack's resolve for 2018: "Go to the gym. Peek in the window, laugh, then continue on to the pub".

I'll drink to that.

                  PROGNOSTICATION: The action of foretelling or prophesying future events

Following is a random sprinkling; a sampling of events; stuff that may or may not come to pass in 2018:

*Trump's crude reality-show-presidency, GONE...replaced by Mickey the Pence (his real boss is Mrs. P.) and Generals.

*Melania divorces Donald demanding millions to refrain from writing a tell-all book.

*Donald flees to Norway requesting refugee status from the Prime Minister, in exchange for building a hotel with her name on it with money from the Russians.

*Democrats gain control of the U.S. Senate and Congress.

*Elizabeth Warren and Oprah Winfrey team-up to plan a run as the Dem's ticket in 2020.

*Ethics Commissioner quashes Justin the Fair's request to vacation (with his family) at Melania's Mar-a-Lago luxury resort in Palm Beach, during the upcoming Christmas break.

*For the price of a pair of goggles, people can enter a 'virtual world' hoping to achieve a temporary state of 'virtual happiness'.

*Unless humans manage to destroy the planet...Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics will forever change the nature of jobs and work. The displaced workforce will have to wait for politicians and others to come up with inovative ideas on where their lost incomes will come from.

*Addiction to electronic devices becomes more pervasive, accelerating the negative affects of lost human interaction and furthering the possibility that AI will eventually control human activity.

*As the younger demographic continues to use social networks as their primary source of news, fact-based information will become indistinguishable from so-called 'fake news', to the detriment of democracies.

*Trust in politicians and institutions will erode further.

*Property taxes in Vancouver and Toronto will exceed the original cost of your 1950's built abode by a factor of 20.

*Facism is a clear and present danger.

*Senators propose a name change for Canada's 151st birthday. Canada Day will become National Weed Day on July 1st. Smoky haze permeates Ottawa festivities preventing event being televised.

*First Nations and several other groups demand any offensive names (to Aboriginals and members of the other groups) be removed and replaced with non-offensive names on all statues, towns, roads, streets, avenues, schools, hospitals, recreation centres, waterways, hotels, mountains, bridges, sports teams, pubs, clubs, dams, highways, etc....forthwith.

*Thanks to the Mee-too movement, Harvey Weinstein and his fellow travellers, women will assume more power positions providing hope for a better future.

*Canada's women's hockey squad scores Olympic Gold in South Korea.

*NAFTA teeters while the Provinces ponder inter-provincial trade.

*Government continues its search for someone, anyone, to fill an important job. Qualifications include being fluent in both official languages, experience in media, outstanding leadership skills, understanding the role, responsibility and importance to our democracy of a national public broadcaster. Meanwhile, incumbent for the past ten years, Hubert LaCroix, remains as CBC/Radio-Canada President/CEO.

*Flying on EL CRAPPO airlines, e.g. Air Canada Rouge, will be accepted as punishment by judges when sentencing criminals.

2018, a year of crisis and chaos or a year that will end in hope?

Ron Devion, No Guts, No Glory