Devion's Views #138


Question: What is a WON?

Answer: Republic of South Korea currency.

A "need to know" for all holders of WON: Buying most stuff requires a truckload of WON.

                                                              WON QUIZ

For many years to come, South Korean's will be paying for a 14 TRILLION WON "investment" their politicians considered a national priority.

From options listed below, which did they choose to indenture their taxpayers:

a) new hospitals?

b) new schools and universities?

c) an event staged by a dishonourable organization headquartered in Switzerland?

d) infrastructure upgrades?

e) shelter for the homeless?

f) liveable pensions and facilities for the elderly?

g) stuffing the pockets of unscrupulous promoters, politicians and their friends?

h) free university tuition?

i) military equipment and personnel to defend the country?

Answer: c) and g)

                                              What does 14 TRILLION WON buy?

A big party, athletic competition, White Elephants that carry the responsibility and cost to either maintain or destroy (nationals have no culture of winter sport) plus a humongous tab left for taxpayers after it's over and the circus departs.

White Elephant: A possession that is useless or troublesome, especially one that is expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of.

                                                          A bit of background

Years ago, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), that dishonoured organization, accepted bids and bribes from various countries, for the 'dubious' honour of pushing their nation toward bankruptcy by hosting one of their Olympic Games.

                                                    AND THE 2018 "WINNER" WAS

The mountain town of Pyongyang, in Gangwon province, South Korea.

For the ghastly sum of 14 TRILLION WON PLUS ($16.4 BILLION), their nation received the "privilege" of hosting the Winter Olympic Games from February 9 - 25.

NB: Security for recent Olympics staged in relatively safe countries cost $BILLION + USD.

                                          The PLUS element cost balloons ever skyward

How much South Korea ends up spending on security alone, in the world's most dangerous locale, will never be disclosed...for security reasons.

Will this be the place where the threatened shootout between North Korea's 'Little Rocket Man' and America's 'Emperor Crazy-Pants' begins?

Will two unstable, out-of-control, egotistical, dangerous maniacs take advantage of these particular Olympics to engulf the world in WWIII?

                                     ONE WON, ON THE SIDE OF THE ANGELS

Appropriately named, Hong-Jin Won (a Gangneung resident and activist) has been monitoring Olympic preparations for years.

Hong-Jin Won stated the real deficit left will cripple a country with a rapidly ageing population; a worsening job market and a widening rich-poor gap.

                                                   ELEPHANT GRAVEYARDS

One doesn't have to look far into the past for examples associated with Olympic Games and their villainous authors:

Montreal (the Big O)






                                              OTHER "INTERESTING" OLYMPIC ISSUES

NHL Czar, Gary Bettman, representing his bosses (the billionaire NHL owners), barred NHL players from attending the Games and represent their country.

Bettman's decision negatively affects the Canadian hockey audience, who every four years are glued to their TV's watching our best against the world's best at a game that has become known as our national religion. Consequently, what the public broadcaster paid in a solo-bid for the rights (never disclosed to taxpayers) has been substantially devalued. Will the CBC/Radio Canada board of directors ever disclose to Canadians whether they demanded or received a discount from the IOC? Jamais!

Russia has been banned from attending the Games (they finally got caught doping many of their athletes).

Many other nations have sent athletes who were doping to compete in previous Games and still allowed to participate. Which begs the question, why is Russia being singled out while the IOC turns a blind eye for other cheaters?

Scandal after scandal has highlighted the hypocrisy of what the IOC really values....MONEY.

It's sad to remember what Canada did by dragging sprinter Ben Johnson through a public humiliation following his disqualification in 1988. The world has since discovered several others in that infamous race were also doping, including American, Carl Lewis, who received the Gold Medal following Johnson's disqualification. Was Canadian Ben Johnson singled out in favour of American Carl Lewis?

                               2018'S OTHER MAJOR INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION

If the planet survives the Winter Olympics, the next one to attract the world's crazies is FIFA's (another group of unscrupulous scoundrels) quadrennial football tournament, the World Cup, scheduled for June-July.

The venue for this one is mother RUSSIA.

Which country is on Donald T's mentor and puppeteer "must invade next" list, while his empire hosts the FIFA fandango? Vlad is making a list and checking it twice, possibly even consulting with his puppet.

Unless you're happy paying two-thirds of any future Canadian fandango, its time to tell your politician:

"Time to stop stuffing the pockets of the unprincipled, unethical, immoral, dishonourable, deceitful individuals who promote these events, on the taxpayers tab, unless and until a referendum seeking their approval takes place.

Say no and stop Alberta and the Fed's contemplating bidding on another Winter Olympics in Calgary. There are too many other pressing priorities in need of limited taxpayer dollars".

                                 TIME FOR NEW 'BREAD AND CIRCUSES' RULES

1) Establish permanent venues for major international sports competitions.

2) Major international sports competitions will only be staged after they are guaranteed, by the governing sports body, to be self-financing.

A classic example that has only happened once: The 1984 L.A. Summer Olympic Games, under the superb leadership of American executive, Peter Ueberroth, was staged without a dime of taxpayer money.

"The integrity of the game is everything" - Peter Ueberroth

Ron Devion, No Guts, No Glory