Devion's Views #137

THERE'S A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL...(posted Dec. 13/17)

On December 12, 2017, the world watched as Alabamans did not elect twice-removed judge and accused child-molester, Roy Moore, to represent them in the U.S. Senate, replacing Jeff Sessions, Trumps Attorney General.

Attorney General Sessions won't say whether he voted for Moore, leaving his Boss wondering (again) about his loyalty.

Roy 'Hopalong" Moore craves "the good old days" when slaves were the currency-du-jour, old guys married 13-year old cousins, and white folks toting guns wearing bed sheets were in charge of everything.

Alabama facts:

State name: Based on a Choctaw word meaning "thicket clearers"

Population: 4.9 million

Capital: Montgomery, the birthplace of the Confederate States of America

86% of adults profess to be Christians, split into several groupings, the largest (at 49%) are Evangelicals

Alabama introduced Mardi Gras to the western world - really

The pecan is Alabama's official nut - really?

Moore (the prized pick-of-the-litter, was fully supported by Emperor Crazy Pants and his brain, Steevie Bananas) was needed to forge ahead with "make America great again" (a.k.a. "the good old days") and populate the swamp with alligators who share the Trumpian/Bannon vision of America.

Roy refused to accept defeat (the Christian thing to do) proclaiming "the devil made them do it", then galloped out of town on his beloved Sassy to await the recount (the Christian thing to do).

Democrat Doug Jones will be sworn in as Alabama's new Senator in January.

                                                  MEANINGS THAT FIT THE TIMES

DESPICABLE: Contemptable, loathsome, hateful, detestable, reprehensible, abhorent, abominable, awful. heinous.

HYPOCRISY: The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behaviour does not conform.

IMPUNITY: Exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action.

ABNORMAL: Deviating from what is normal or usual, in a way that is undesirable or worrying.

ENABLER: A person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behaviour in another.

There's a line in the play 'The Mourning Bride', by William Congreve, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Meaning, no one is angrier than a woman who has been rejected in love.

It's apropos now because it depicts a broader phenomenon taking place in the dying days of 2017.

With every passing day, in every field of endeavour, the rogues gallery parade of accused harrassers grows larger and longer.

The primary force is women, long taken for granted by power figures, to be used and abused (verbally and physically), who will remain silent no more with their 'Me-Too' campaign.

No one is angrier than a young girl, boy, woman or man who has been treated as a commodity to be used by the powerful, then ignored by "the System".

In an ironic twist of fate, this phenomenon (long overdue) can be attributed to the American electoral system that resulted in putting an unstable serial-molester into the most powerful position on the planet.

The election of 'Despicable Donald' triggered a growing movement providing courage for many to speak out, on behalf of unknown tens of thousands, who have been abused, traumatized and scarred for life by those, like him, in positions of power, to demand justice.

Science factoid:

It has been reported that teetotaler Crazy-Pants consumes 12 Diet cokes and watches up to eight hours of TV each day. This has sent researchers scrambling to figure out whether drinking this many diet cokes and watching that much TV may be linked and contribute to mental illness.

There is nothing that brings out my personal anger faster than the evil people who prey on children and those who assist in covering up their evil deeds.

The perverts and pedophiles who now lurk on the internet trolling for the innocent, unsuspecting and unprotected.

Like the predators of my youth who prowled the halls of the Provencher boys school in St. Boniface or the defenceless kids trapped in the Mount Cashel Orphanage in Newfoundland, where evil deeds were so long covered up by those in authority, there was no justice.

If there's something worth hoping for; wishing for; praying for; maybe this time you and your kind (the evil ones who prey on others) have provoked a force that will not be denied, bringing you and those who covered up for you to account for your deeds, in the court of public opinion and a court of law, then put away for a long, long time.

Quote from Devion's memoir 'from Stardust, Book II', page 172:

"...its all about power,

Who has it, whom do you have to share it with,

What you do with it,

And who will eventually take it away,

Because getting it and keeping it, is impossible,

Throughout the course of human history,

No man, woman, government, corporation, monarch, dictator, pope or religion,

Has ever succeeded in hanging on to it.

Life is about time and how we use it..."


Ron Devion, No Guts, No Glory