AULD ACQUAINTANCES from january 1, 2022

Auld Acquaintances by Peggy Oldfield
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A new year has dawned and unfortunately brought with it continuing restrictions from Covid-19 and its newest variant.  This means the CBC/SRC Association cannot currently plan its "normal" events to bring CBC colleagues together, so this column will continue to be a small way of keeping our connection by way of photos, stories and news.  New material will always appear at the top of the column.  

If you have stories to relate about how you’re spending your time or something amusing that you’ve encountered, please share it and it will be posted here.  Don’t forget that we’re also looking for photos of yourself showing us what you’re keeping busy with or just smiling at the camera for our “Colleagues” section of this website.  Thank you!

Posted December 25, 2022:

Bob Nixon sends Greetings from Antigua with a photo he reports is vaguely connected to a CBC story.... "Mia and I are here for Christmas with our two daughters. I wanted to come because of a CBC trip my father took here (and to Trinidad and Tobago) in 1976. He spent three months helping reporters at those nations’ government run broadcasters to improve their skills.  One of them went on to work at the CBC and called me after my Dad’s passing a few years back. I wish I could remember his name. That Christmas, my mother and younger sister joined  Herb in Antigua. I couldn’t go because I was wandering around Europe that fall, a rite of non-passage for the legions of University dropouts during that era. But when my folks returned home to Winnipeg, they brought me a t-shirt far more exotic than any of the trinkets I obtained in Paris and Naples.  It was a T-shirt that said simply in antique script “Antigua me come from”. Boy, I loved that shirt, wore it for years until it was a holey mess, only good for  for my house painting jobs.  Such an exotic place, where people defied “proper” English. Rebels like me!  Anyway, I finally made it to Antigua and my youngest took this sunset shot a few hours ago at Darkwood Beach. I’m hoping to find a similar t-shirt. Something for the girls (they’re so tough to please, I never know what to get them at Christmas!) I might get one for myself too. The script-less one in the photo is a trifle tight, I think."

Here's Bob's photo from balmy Antigua...



Posted December 18, 2022:

At the December 7th Christmas CBC/SRC Association bowling gathering, Bill Murray surprised the group by giving each person a hand-crafted and painted Santa.  Bill made 15 of the jolly fellows and here they are, all lined up and ready to put smiles on the faces of the lucky recipients!

Posted December 11, 2022:

With the holiday season upon us, the CBC/SRC Association bowling get together on December 7th had a definite festive flair.  The eight participants - Neil & Lynn Gillon, Lillian Hanson, Anne Mathisen, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield and Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, all got into the spirit of the season by donning Christmas-themed clothing or seasonal colours.  Maurice Moses cheered the bowlers on during the Bingo game and joined Neil, Lynn, Lillian Anne, Peggy, Michael and Eleanor for lunch at St. Augustine's Pub.  Don't miss the group photos in the Gallery in addition to those here!  Bill Murray surprised everyone at the end of bowling by presenting each person with a hand-painted and crafted wood Santa that he had made, and during the games, everyone enjoyed the edible goodies provided by Lynn Gillon and Peggy Oldfield.  Here are a few photos from the day...

Christmas treats provided by Lynn Gillon and Peggy Oldfield.

Bill Murray decorated the Bingo Game Trophy with Santa Hats and set out a mystery gift box during the games.

Lynn Gillon and Anne Mathisen up to bowl.  Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Neil Gillon, Bill Murray and Lillian Hanson are the observers.

Bill Muray is concentrating on knocking those pins down. Behind him: Michael Taylor-Noonan, Anne Mathisen, Neil & Lynn Gillon and Lillian Hanson.

Peggy Oldfield, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Anne Mathisen on the sidelines.

A bevy of Christmas socks!

Bill Murray makes Lynn Gillon reach for a high five!

Bill Murray lifts out another of his wood Santa pieces as Eleanor Taylor-Noonan shows off her one.

We got Bill Murray to pose with one of his merry creations!

Posted November 11, 2022:

There was a great turnout for the CBC/SRC Association monthly bowling get-together on November 9th with twelve participants - Neil & Lynn Gillon, Lillian Hanson, Alex Kerr and granddaughter Alex Tumac, Anne Mathisen, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding & Marichu Torrijos.  Bill Murray kicked things off with a special presentation to Peggy Oldfield of a new trophy he created and named "The Peggy".  Since Peggy has been absent the last couple of months, the group wanted to let her know she was missed and to thank her for all she does for the Association.  Peggy was surprised, delighted and thrilled that she gets to keep the trophy!  After bowling, eight of the participants carried on to lunch at St. Augusine's Pub and were joined by Rod & Lori MundyMaurice Moses popped by too but was unable to stay.  Here are a few of the photos from the day and you'll find several more in the Colleagues' Gallery segment of the website as well.

Treats of Thumbprint Cookies and Apple Strudel were provided by Lillian Hanson and Peggy Oldfield

Bill Murray presents Peggy Oldfield with "The Peggy" - a trophy he created on behalf of all the regular bowlers to thank her for all she does for the CBC "family" and to welcome her back after two months' absence.

Lillian Hanson, Alex Tumac, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Anne Mathisen watch the action on the lanes.

L-R: Anne, Marichu, Alex, Alex, Ding, Peggy, Michael, Lillian, Neil and Lynn.

Alex Tumac, Lillian Hanson and Marichu Torrijos bowling; Bill Murray captures the action from the far lane.

Neil Gillon gets ready to fell those pins.  In the background are Lillian Hanson, Alex Kerr and Bill Murray.

A picture of Peggy taking a picture.

Ding is ready to bowl while Neil, Marichu, Lillian, Michael Alex and Eleanor await their turns.

Observing the action L-R: Marichu, Lynn, Michael, Neil, Eleanor, Alex, Bill and Alex.

Alex, Bill and Alex (the other Alex's granddaughter).

Eleanor is set to bowl.  In the background L-R: Ding, Neil, Lillian, Lori & Rod Mundy, Michael, Alex and Alex.  The abundance of red was in honour of Remembrance Day this week.

Bill Murray takes careful aim at those pins.  In the background are Lillian, Neil, Alex, Eleanor and Anne.

Ding & Marichu Torrijos

Alex Kerr and Eleanor Taylor-Noonan are the bowlers.  In the background are Ding, Lillian, Lynn, Michael, Neil and Bill.

Posted October 9, 2022:

(from Kirk Williams)

Kirk reports that he may be retired from CBC, but has just launched another career--as a real estate agent--in his new neighbourhood of Crown Isle in Courtenay on Vancouver Island.. Kirk's partner Robert still works for the City of North Vancouver, and commutes weekends. The local neighbourhood magazine did a fun profile of them which, with Kirk's permission, I'm happy to share with you.  Their lovely dog Bella made 'Pet of the Month' in the same issue.  Here are those two segments:

October 5 was bowling day this month and appreciation again goes to Bill Murray for handling the event, taking the photos and providing details.  

Bill reports that there were five bowlers on this occasion - Neil & Lynn Gillon, Lillian Hanson, Anne Mathisen and himself.  Anne Mathisen has recently returned from a lengthy RV trip and while the bowlers were getting their shoes on, Ann regaled them with her stories of driving the RV from sea to sea.  While bowling the group was commiserating that they had no goodies to give them energy.  The Grandview Lanes' proprietor heard them and offered up some free cookies!  The bowling alley had just celebrated its75th year of operation and some of the decorations were still up.  It was decided that the person getting the best score in the first game would get to pose with a bouquet of flowers from that celebration and Bill Murray was the lucky winner, though he says it was nowhere near his best score.  To give himself a boost, he grabbed some Gatorade...and promptly bowled strikes in the next two frames!  With just five bowlers, they decided to forego the Bingo game and bowled a third regular game instead, but Bill notes they were all pretty tired halfway through that last game.

The next bowling date is Wednesday, November 9th and Bill suggests we all wear something red in honour of Remembrance Day.  Come and join in - it's always fun regardless of the size of the group.  Here are a few photos from last week's event to entice you....

Lynn Gillon shows determination in aiming at the pins.

Neil Gillon concentrates on making this ball a strike.

Lillian Hanson takes careful aim.

Anne Mathisen sets her sites on the pins.

Lynn, Anne and Lillian observe the guys' rolls.

Bill and Neil show support for their favourite teams.

Lillian was first to try the complimentary cookies provided by Grandview Lanes.  Neil and Anne observe the action on the lanes.

Bill's "Best Score" in the first game won him the prize of posing with the Grandview Lanes' 75th Anniversary flowers.

Lillian shows just one of the many gyrations of an avid bowler!

Bill does an endorsement for Gatorade after getting a strike in each of the first two frames of the second game.

Posted September 9, 2022:

Bowlers gathered on September 7 and Bill Murray has provided a wrap-up of the event:

With only 6 bowlers (Neil & Lynn Gillon, Lillian Hanson, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and myself) we sped through the first two games and then went on to Bingo. We decided to stop the game when noon came around and Lynn, Eleanor and I were the champions!

Bill decided to split up the couples and I bowled with Lynn and Eleanor who proceeded to light the alley on fire with their bowling! Lynn had the high scores for the first two games and Eleanor broke 100 in her first game and 115 in the second, She figures that was the best she had ever scored, thus her pose under the scoreboard. The day started unceremoniously with Lynn throwing two gutter balls and the other team not doing well either. Then the pin setter broke down and we moved to two different lanes where Lynn proceeded to throw a strike. A couple of lanes over from us was a young woman who averaged just under 300 for the 4 games she bowled. 

We decided the next sessions would be October 5 and November 9 and I booked them in with Tyler, the guy at the desk. He notified me that the rates were going up to $13.50. I guess we have to get out there and find more pop bottles to cash in!

Lil and Eleanor choose their weapons

Lil puts a hex on the ball Bill is about to release. It worked.

Lillian showing off her Olympic gold medal (just kidding)

Michael reacts to getting two strikes in a row

Mike and Lynn ready to roll

the group huddles to plan the attack on those pins.

Way to go Eleanor

Posted August 6, 2022:

Nine bowlers gatheed at Grandview Lanes on August 3rd  for 5-pin bowling booked by the CBC/SRC Association - Neil & Lynn Gillon, Lillian Hanson, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding & Marichu Torrijos.  Bill Murray came up with a list of occasions within the month to embelish he August Bingo card including International Pirate Month, National Eye Exam Month, National Golf Month, International Psychic Week, Clown Week, Grab Some Nuts Day Aug. 3, and National Watermelon Day.  To enhance the themes, Bill got busy in his workshop and created two wooden and painted slices of watermelon, made an eye chart which he added to the Bingo Game trophy, and brought a toy blunderbus, a pirate's hand/hook and a treasure chest filled with gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins!  Added to the edible treats were fresh watermelon cubes, nougat candy with jelly 'gems' (think pirate's jewels), and salted mixed nuts provided by Lillian Hanson and Peggy Oldfield. 

There were many laughs throughout the three games (two regular, one Bingo) and the wish expressed that more of our colleagues could be persuaded to join the fun.  Remember - this is strictly for enjoyment sake; lack of experience or being a "good" bowler is not a factor!  Following bowling, Neil, Lynn, Michael, Eleanor and Peggy carried on to St. Augustine's Pub for a relaxing lunch and continued great conversation.  Here are a few photos from the day....

International Pirate Month, National Eye Exam Month and National Watermelon Day recognized in the props provided by Bill Murray.  The treasure chest was filled by Bill with goid-foil covered chocolate coins.  Yummy!

Fresh Watermelon hunks, Nougat candy stuffed with "jewels", and salted mixed nuts roundod out the edible treats.  Paper plates with each person's name and plastic forks were supplied so that there would be no mix up in which plate belonged to who and no concerns about touching the food to keep everyone safe while Covid is still a concern.

Lynn Gillon in the foreground; Neil Gillon and Eleanor Taylor-Noonan on the lanes.

Marichu Torrijos has her eyes on the pins.

Bill Murray is holding the two wooden watermelon slices that he designed, created and painted. 
At left of Bill: Ding, Eleanor, Michael and Lynn.

Ding and Lillian on the lanes.  In the background L-R: Michael, Eleanor, Lynn, Neil and Bill.

Michael is wondering if Lynn is really going to bite down on that slice of watermelon!

Lillian Hanson showing fine form on the lane.

Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Neil Gillon bowling.  Watching them from L-R are Ding, Michael, Lynn and Bill.

The themed Bingo Card created by Bill Murray

"That's not how you wear the hook, Michael!", points out Bill.

Posted July 23, 2022:

From Neil & Mary Trainer:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Summerland, B.C. on July 18th.  Neil & Mary’s daughter Erin serves on the Summerland City Council and Neil captured a couple of photos from the occasion.  The photo captions are in Neil’s own words:

 Here is one of two photos of Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to Summerland today (July 18). My daughter Erin wearing sunglasses  is holding baby Willow with 3 year old granddaughter Lake standing next to her. The others are fellow Councillors from Summerland.


Here is the second photo with Erin and the PM talking to 9 month old granddaughter, Willow.
The photos were taken on Monday afternoon July 18th. Erin is on Summerland City Council.


Posted July 17, 2022

Bill Reiter shares three photos of his "game-worn" CBC Vancouver Hockey Team jersey from 1975.  Unfortunately Bill doesn't have a photo of himself wearing it or of the hockey team from that time.  Does anyone from the team of the early to mid-1970s have a team photo?  Love to see it if you do and post it as a future Flashback picture on this site!  


Posted July 10, 2022

Those who regularly participate in the CBC/SRC once-per-month 5-pin bowling at Grandview Lanes in Vancouver are all very happy that the event has been reinstated, barriers are down at the bowling alley, and everyone feels relaxed having a great time.  That was certainly the case on July 6th when Canada Day was "extended" to create a celebratory atmosphere to the fun.  Bill Murray added a Canadian flag to the Bingo Game trophy and brought watermelon juice (and glasses) to quench dry throats.  Appropriately decorated cookies along with Canada Day serviettes and a paper plate for serving, were compliments of Sheryl Smale and Peggy Oldfield.  Bill created the Bingo Game card in a "celebrate Canada" theme, and there was lots of red and white along with maple leaves in the clothing worn.  Those who weren't sporting something in the theme were quick to point out that the bowling shoes had red on them!  In addition to Bill, Sheryl and Peggy, the partipants were Lynn & Neil Gillon, Alex Kerr and his granddaughter Alex Tumac, Eleanor & Michael Taylor-Noonan and Ding Torrijos.  Although he wasn't able to stay and join the group for bowling, eveyone was delighted to have Maurice Moses stop by to say hello.  Here are a few photos from the bowling time and don't miss two more of the teams in the Colleagues' Photo Gallery!

Trophy and treats in keeping with the Canada Day theme!

Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Neil Gillon on the bowling lanes.  In the background are Michael Taylor-Noonan, Alex Kerr and Lynn Gillon.

Sheryl Smale and Lynn Gillon bowling. 
Observing are Bill Murray, Alex Kerr, Neil Gillon, Ding Torrijos, Alex Tumac and Michael Taylor-Noonan.

Red shirts for Canada Day - L-R: Alex Kerr, Peggy Oldfield, Bill Murray, Lynn Gillon, Ding Torrijos.

Celebrating Canada Day in ways other than red shirts .... maple leaves, blue for rivers, lakes and oceans; green for the trees and grasses, yellow for the sunshine of a Canadian summer, and red in slacks and bowling shoes ....
L-R: Alex Tumac, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Sheryl Smale, Neil Gillon and Michael Taylor-Noonan.

Ding Torrijos in action.  In the background are Bill Murray, Alex Kerr and Neil Gillon. 
That's Michael Taylor-Noonan who didn't quite make the photo at the right edge of the frame.

Alex Tumac in the foreground; Sheryl Smale, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding Torrijos at the back.

L-R: Peggy Oldfield, Alex Kerr, Neil Gillon, Ding Torrijos, Alex Tumac, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Michael Taylor-Noonan.

The Bingo Game card in our Canada Day theme, devised by Bill Murray.

Posted June 5, 2022

Congratulations to Ron & Carole Devion and to Fred & Gail Jones - each couple celebrating their 65th Wedding Anniversary on June 1st.

Nine colleagues got together for the once-per-month bowling event at Grandview Lanes in Vancouver on June 1st - Neil & Lynn Gillon, Lillian Hanson, Anne Mathisen, Peggy Oldfield, Sheryl Smale, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding Torrijos.  Treats by way of cinnamon rolls and an assortment of cookies were provided by Lillian Hanson and Peggy Oldfield.  Although Bill Murray wasn't able to participate this time, he was well represented via the bowling-in-movies quiz he had created for the June bowling notice and the answers to it, as well as the game card for Bingo that he created for the teams.  Following the fun of 3 games, Neil, Lynn, Anne, Peggy, Michael and Eleanor carried on to enjoy a pub lunch at St. Augustine's. Be sure to look at the "Colleagues' Gallery" for photos of the two teams taken following conclusion of the Bingo game which was a first-time tie for winner!  Here are a few more photos from the day....

Bill Murray's bowling-in-the-movies quiz and                                         Anne Mathisen ready to knock those pins
Bingo game cards on display with cookies                                             down.  Ding Torrijos and Michael Taylor-

and cinnamon buns provided by Lillian Hanson                                     Noonan are in the background.
and Peggy Oldfield.

Neil Gillon and Sheryl Smale on the lanes.

 Watching the action-Lillian Hanson, Ding Torrijos, Michael Taylor-Noonan, Neil Gillon, Lynn Gillon and Eleanor Taylor-Noonan.

Ding Torrijos concentrates on those pins and Lynn Gillon waits to take her aim.  Michael Taylor-Noonan is at the counter behind them.

 Lillian Hanson and Peggy Oldfield

On June 3rd, the Executive and Board of the CBC/SRC Association held a meeting for the first time since the winter of 2019.  Although we must be mindful of everyone's safety, the Board will be reinstating some of its annual events this year in addition to the monthly five-pin bowling and looks forward to announcing each as plans proceed.  For a start, circle Thursday, August 11th on your calendar for the Burnaby Central Railway Picnic and rides on the miniature railway!  Watch for the event notice in the coming weeks.

Posted May 22, 2022

Would you like to have something special to honour and remember the 2022 Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II?  In recognition of Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne, The Monarchist League of Canada is offering a commemorative pin to Canadians.  The pin itself is free (up to 5 can be requested per person); the only cost is for shipping. Here are the full details:

To order, click on the following link:

Posted May 8, 2022

From Lionel Moore:

Lionel shares the happy news that CBC Winnipeg retirees
Ernie Drouin celebrated his 99th birthday on March 23 of
this year. 

Belated good wishes from all your CBC "family", Ernie!












From the CBC/SRC Association:(Note:  See a photo of all the bowlers from the May 4 get-together in the Colleagues’ Gallery)

The CBC/SRC Association’s once-per-month bowling and pub lunch took place on May 4th .  That date marks recognition of a number of things including groups, people, products and the very famous film franchise Star Wars.  It is the latter, with May 4th being a play on the phrase “May The Force Be With You” that the date is most synonymous with, but did you know that it’s also National Orange Juice Day, Bird Day, International Firefighter’s Day, Dave Brubeck Day (Jazz Pianist), National Weather Observer’s Day and International Respect for Chickens Day?  Bill Murray put his brain to work and came up with a Bingo Bowling Game Card that recognized all of those days, and as part of the treats to enjoy while bowling, he supplied orange juice and plastic glasses, Pez candy dispensers in a Star Wars’ theme as well as Star Wars’ serviettes.  For good measure Bill also brought a Star Wars laser sword.  Peggy Oldfield baked orange cookies and an orange marmalade loaf cake to compliment Bill’s orange juice.  Neil Gillon came with an oversize umbrella in homage to National Weather Observers Day (plus coincidentally there was a forecast for rain) and Peggy Oldfield sported a top decorated with hummingbirds amongst blossoms.  All in all, the group managed to honour four of the seven days.  Maybe we could count not having any poultry as respecting chickens too…..

Seven people turned out to bowl – Neil & Lynn Gillon, Bill Murray, Gary Murray (Bill’s brother joining the group for the first time!), Peggy Oldfield and Michael & Eleanor Taylor-NoonanAlex Kerr and his granddaughter Alex had planned to make the trip from Vancouver Island, but on the previous weekend Alex Kerr took a tumble on the tarmac while doing volunteer duties and was left with an assortment of sprains, cuts and scrapes.  We hope he will heal quickly and feel in tip top shape again very soon.

Here are a few of the photos from the day… 

Surrounding the Bingo Game trophy created by Bill Murray are the organge cookies and orange marmalade cake, orange juide,Pez Candy Dispensers in "Star Wars" themes, matching serviettes and the Star Wars laser sword.

 Peggy Oldfield and Gary Murray watch Michael Taylor-Noonan take aim to knock those pins down.

Lynn Gillon and Gary Murray are set to try for a strike.

Brothers Gary and Bill Murray strike a pose in keeping with a tradition they've had since boyhood - no smiling!

L-R: Bill Murray, Neil Gillon, Lynn Gillon and Eleanor Taylor-Noonan applaud action on the lanes.

Bill Murray and Michael Taylor-Noonan

Winning Team, Bingo Game:  Neil Gillon, Lynn Gillon and Bill Murray.

The second team on May 4th - L-R:  Michael Taylor-Noonan, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Peggy Oldfield, Gary Murray.

With the conclusion of bowling, Neil & Lynn, Michael & Eleanor and Peggy relaxed over lunch at St. Augustine’s Pub. 


Posted April 30, 2022:

From Ralph Motohashi:
(Note:  See an additional photo of Ralph in the Colleagues’ Gallery!)

“After over 2 years break, I have resumed my travel again. I arrived in Mexico city couple weeks ago. Mexico City is a very big city and is difficult to navigate. On the arrival first night, I was heading out to find my favorite seafood taco restaurant around Roma area in Mexico City. Suddenly thunder and lighting greeted me with pouring rain. I was totally wet and cold. Trying to get my Uber ride but my phone was out of power. It was a horrible first night for Mexico. Eventually I made my way back to my hotel around 11 o'clock at night and was forced to eat at the hotel's America oyster bar to celebrate the first night in Mexico. Hahaha........

I love the Mexican wealth, Colonial architecture, unspoiled beaches and lovely people. If you want to see the world, Mexico may not be a bad place to visit.” Ralph enjoys some sightseeing on a sunny day in Mexico City

Beautiful and ancient architecture in Mexico City.


From Andrew Mills, Posted April 22, 2022 re Campaign to Fund Ambulances for Ukraine

Mission Accomplished!!!!

Three ambulances. Serviced, stocked and delivered. Highly reliable and enroute to the front lines. (Total cost: ~$70,000)

Forty six boxes of supplies. Lifesaving trauma and medical gear. Delivered in Kyiv by Jeff and Max Burko. (Total cost: ~$30,000 - raised and contributed to PFVMH by Jeff)

Three personal survival kits. Placed in each ambulance. Keeping PFVMH paramedics safe, healthy and fed so they can help others. (Total cost: ~$5000)

Countless groceries, toiletries, tampons and more. Loaded to the roof in each ambulance. Donated to the only humanitarian group working the Ukrainian side of the Medyka/Sheyini border. (Total cost: ~$10,000)

Two and a half weeks, from idea to Ukraine. 1400km by car, 2km by foot (long story). Many flights and restless nights. (Total operational cost: ~$7000)

Twenty thousand dollar goal. One hundred and twenty thousand raised. All remaining funds going towards Phase Two with PFVMH - stay tuned.

Hundreds of friends, colleagues, family and allies. Doing what they can, giving as they’re able. Making the mission possible. (Total debt: Immeasurable)


What's Next?

All the remaining money, and as much additional as we can raise, is going towards a continued partnership with the tireless volunteers at the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital. Their mission is ongoing, their work is crucial, their needs are many. 

Topping their wishlist now are 4x4 military ambulances, much needed as they follow the front line eastwards.

The British army has recently decommissioned multiple Land Rover Defender ambulances for $68,000 each.

If we can raise enough, those are next up to purchase. If not, we will put all funds towards the diagnostic medical equipment and pharmaceuticals they have requested.


To read and see more about Ambulances for Ukraine and to donate, click on:


Posted April 24:  

 “The Millstone”, a community newspaper for Mississippi Mills and area in Ontario, published in their April 21 issue the following congratulatory note and tribute to Diana Filer.  We would like to add our congratulations too, Diana!

Congratulations to Diana Filer
By The Millstone on Apr 21, 2022 07:00 am by Edith Cody-Rice 

Diana Filer

Today we pay tribute to Diana Filer, our quiz master since the launch of the Millstone who on this date in 2012 published her first quiz. She has diligently provided a quiz every Saturday in the Millstone for the past 10 years. Her knowledge is encyclopedic and eclectic.

Upon graduating in French and philology from UBC, Diana did graduate work at the Sorbonne and the Institute Britannique in Paris.

Diana’s broadcasting career began in 1961 with the CBC in Vancouver as a program assistant, She rose to Executive Producer in radio then transferred to television. A great accomplishment in radio was her creation in 1975 of a Science program which the CBC had never considered airing before. Quirks and Quarks is still on air after 45 years. In television, Diana spent two and a half years producing a nightly local current affairs show for the news program “24 Hours” before returning to radio as Head of Variety.  In 1983 Diana was named Director of CBC London, a posting she held for 3 years before returning to Canada to become the Corporation’s Director of International Relations.  She retired to her home in Vancouver. Diana has said that her high school and university Latin courses were the best basics she could have ever had for a career in journalism. Her priorities now are family, friends and health.

I met Diana at the CBC where I was a lawyer and she the Director of International Relations. She was widely acknowledged to be one of the smartest people there and her wide ranging interests and knowledge made her the perfect person to approach about setting quizzes in the early days of the Millstone.

So to Diana we say thank you for your imagination, your research and your diligence. We owe you much.


CBC/SRC Association bowling at Grandview Lanes in Vancouver was a great gathering of ten participants on April 13th.  The date fell between Tartan Day (April 6) and Easter (April 17) so both events combined for the day’s theme with splashes of tartan in apparel and decoration and Easter eggs and hot cross buns for the edible treats, and a combination of the two in the Bingo game card prepared by Bill Murray.  The bowling participants were Neil & Lynn Gillon, Anne Mathisen, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Sheryl Smale and Ding & Marichu Torrijos. Following the games, Neil, Lynn, Michael, Eleanor and Peggy enjoyed a leisurely lunch at St. Augustine’s Pub.  Here are a few photos from bowling and you'll find pictures of the two teams in the Colleagues' Gallery!

      Bill Murray decked out in "Scotland" t-shirt & tartan!                                   Easter treats from Bill Murray/Peggy Oldfield on tartan blanket from Bill.

Marichu and Sheryl up on the lanes, watched by Ding, Anne, Lynn and Eleanor.
Marichu and Sheryl bowling while Ding observes.

Neil, Eleanor and Michael react to action on the lanes. (Note: The women behind Neil were not with our party.)

From the front L-R: Michael, Anne, Sheryl, Neil, Lynn and Bill.

L-R: Neil, Anne, Sheryl, Lynn, Peggy and Marichu.

L-R: Michael, Anne, Sheryl, Neil, Bill, Lynn and Marichu.

Bill Murray's very creative Easter/Tartan Bingo Bowling Game Card!


Posted April 10:

From Lionel Moore:

Our retired CBC Winnipeg colleague Lionel Moore shares information on another way to support the people of Ukraine.  A shop in Winnipeg’s St. Vital Chopping Centre called Oh Canada is selling “Support Ukraine” t-shirts.  The cost is $29.00 and $10.00 from each t-shirt sale goes to the International Red Cross.  Purchase can be made on-line via the store’s website  under “new arrivals”.

From David Mills:

Our former CBC Vancouver colleague David Mills would like to share information about a drive initiated by his son Andrew to raise funds to supply a fully stocked ambulance to frontline volunteers in Ukraine. Full details and the link to donate at:

NOTE:  To make a donation via the website requires using a credit card.  If you prefer not to provide those details on-line, you may donate via an e-transfer of funds through your bank.  Please contact me via for Andrew Mills’ e-mail address to confirm that arrangement. 

Posted April 3, 2022:

From Lionel Moore:

Retired CBC Winnipeg Lighting Technician/Technical Producer Jack Stoughton passed away on November 16, 2021 but because of Covid, it wasn’t possible for a funeral service or Celebration of Life to be held.  With the lifting of some Covid restrictions, family, friends and CBC co-workers gathered at the Fort Rouge Curling Club on March 27th for a Celebration of Life Memorial for Jack.  Lionel Moore was one of those CBC colleagues in attendance and says, “It was a very nice tribute to a special person and another of the 'good guys’ from the Corp.”  Lionel shares the following photo of the CBC folks who gathered at a table for six for the event and noted, “The Fort Rouge Curling Club was chosen because Jack's son, Jeff Stoughton, has become quite a famous and very successful Canadian Curling champion playing out of the Club.”                                                      Jack Stoughton

L-R:  TV Technicians Doug Marks, Dennis Mazer and Danny Sirman; then Virginia Werety(Human Resources), Lionel Moore (Announcer) and at the extreme right is Cameraman Greg Barker.


Posted March 20, 2022:

CBC Vancouver News will soon be welcoming Yasmin Gandham as a Reporter.  Yasmin is making the move from Global Okanagan in Kelowna and was previously with CityNews 1130 (CKWX-AM) Vancouver.  In Toronto, CBC's Maya Harijanto is leaving her position as Unit Manager for Digital Production & Design, CBC Sports, to take up new duties as Production Manager, Unscripted and Music Content, Radio Programming. Congratulations to both Yasmin and Maya!

CBC and ABC Networks have announced the Kindred ABC/CBC Animation Collaboration and will commence a search for unique, creatively ambitious animation ideas to develop with the potential for a future co-commission.  Applications from Canadian and Australian creators and producers will be accepted between March 28 and May 16. The venture is a joint initiative "to nurture and support the kids’ production industry by funding new children’s animated projects in Australia and Canada".

A Special Request from Chris Paton (Posted March 13):

Producer Chris Paton, a frequent contributor of articles to our website, is looking to write an article or articles about the work that took place over the years in CBC Vancouver's Design Department. That article will require visuals of the departments work product done for both program production and for promotional campaigns. But in the planning of this idea, it came as disappointing news that all the actual design work product, the drawings, sketches, paintings and photographs were long ago taken out of warehouse storage and destroyed. The only hope now is that the artists who did the original work, managed to save, preserve and even take photos of what they felt was their best work. The search is on to find photographs of the best work done by art directors, designers of sets, graphics, costumes, hair and makeup.  Please send your photos or ask how to arrange to submit them, by contacting Peggy Oldfield (via to request her e-mail address if you don't already have it).  Thank you for helping Chris to bring these memories of CBC Vancouver's talented Design staff back to life by sharing them on! 

Posted March 13:
(Note:  More photos from March 9 bowling are posted in the Colleagues' Photo Gallery)

With Covid restrictions easing somewhat, CBC/SRC Association bowling has picked up again (we bowled in November and December last year but then with the spike in Covid numbers at the beginning of the new year, decided to hold off on the group get-together) and twelve bowlers - Neil & Lynn Gillon, Lillian Hanson, Alex Kerr and granddaughter Alex Tumac, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield, Doug Sjoquist, Sheryl Smale, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding Torrijos participated in a fun-filled three games on March 9th with eight of the group carrying on to lunch at St. Augustine's Pub.  Ding's wife, Marachu, cheered everyone on throughout the games!  Bill Murray's creativity was on display once again with the imaginative St. Patrick's Day-themed Bingo card for the group's third game, and he brought green and white iced cookies for everyone to enjoy.  The St. Pat's colour scheme theme abounded in everyone's clothing and in the edible treats rounded out by Peggy Oldfield who supplied Honeydew melon chunks, green grapes and jelly beans in green and white.  Here are a few photos from the day (and don't miss the others posted in the Colleagues' Photo Gallery!).  

An array of snacks in St. Patrick's Day colours.   

Ding Torrijos is set to take out those pins.  Watching L-R are Doug Sjoquist, Marachu Torrijos, Lillian Hanson and Alex Kerr.

Neil Gillon is up; Michael Taylor-Noonan heads to the next lane and Lynn Gillon is in the background.

Watching the action on the lanes, L-R: Alex Kerr, Sheryl Smale, Bill Murray and Lynn Gillon.

Doug Sjoquist on the far lane, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan in the middle, and Bill Murray at right.

A cheering section for the bowlers - L-R: Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Alex Kerr, Alex Tumac, Bill Murray, Lynn Gillon and Neil Gillon. 
Doug Sjoquist looks on from the other side of the partition at left.

Lillian Hanson takes a turn as Eleanor Taylor-Noonan walks off the next lane.  In the background L-R: Doug Sjoquist, Marachu Torrijos, Michael Taylor-Noonan, Bill Murray, Lynn Gillon and hidden behind Eleanor, Neil Gillon.

Peggy Oldfield and Lynn Gillon bowling; Lillian Hanson, Sheryl Smale, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan (heading off the lane just behind Peggy) and Neil Gillon are in the background.

The St. Patrick's Day themed Bingo Card created by Bill Murray.  The numbers indicate what score each bowler has to get (one card per team) and the team that crosses off the most horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, wins. 
By the way, the photo above the score of "3" is Bill kissing the Blarney Stone!

Team #3 were winners of the Bingo game - Ding Torrijos, Peggy Oldfield, Doug Sjoquist and Lillian Hanson.

Team #2 - Alex Tumac, Alex Kerr, Michael Taylor-Noonan and Eleanor Taylor-Noonan.

Team #1 - Bill Murray, Sheryl Smale, Lynn Gillon and Neil Gillon.


Posted February 27:

Congratulations and wishes for a happy and healthy future to Peter Layton who is this weekend embarking on retirement from CBC Vancouver!  In Peter's own words from his Facebook posting on Friday, February 25th, "Today is my last day at CBC. After 42 years, I am retiring and I just wanted to thank everybody for their kind wishes. I can honestly say that I am extremely lucky to have had a job I enjoyed with people I liked. I'd like to stay in touch, so I'm posting my social insurance number and credit card info. Best to all. Peter"



Posted February 20:

    Happy news to share from two colleagues who are turning the page on another
    chapter in life.

    Best wishes and congratulations to CBC Vancouver Radio Broadcast Recording
    Engineer Gary Heald who has decided it’s time for retirement from Mother
    Corp and worked his final “swan song game” last week (see Gary’s photo in
    the Gallery section).  Gary isn’t completely sitting back to relax, though; he
    will continue freelancing as a Music Recording Engineer and as a TV Sports A2. 

    Congrats and all good wishes also go out to CBC Network Sportscaster and
    Commentator Steve ArmitageSteve’s
    CBC career began in Halifax in 1965
    and he joined Vancouver’s staff in 1973
    which continued to be his “base”
throughout Network assignments until 2012 when he moved to a country hom near Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Budget cuts in the Sports Department at the Corporation led to “enforced retirement” through layoff from staff in 2014 but Steve returned to CBC via assignment to Olympics’ coverage in 2018, 2020 and 2022.  He is officially retiring after having called his final Speed Skating race at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Saturday, February 19th.

     WHO DONE IT?  Kim Richards worked as a
     researcher in TV and Radio locally and
     nationally, most notably on The Journal’s
     documentary on The Expulsion of Japanese-
     Canadians during WWII
.  Bessie Reid, Kim’s
     fictional account of the infamous and unsolved
     murder of the nanny Janet Smith, has just
     been published and claims to solve the case! 
     It’s currently available via Marketplace on Facebook
     (enter the book title “Bessie Reid” in the search bar)
     for $15.00 per copy. 



Posted February 13, 2022

From Doug Kerr:

Congratulations to Doug Kerr who has sent in a little preview of his “next chapter”.  Doug reports that today (February 13th) will mark his last shift at CBC Vancouver.  He will then use up his annual leave days and begins official retirement on April 1, 2022, noting,  “I’ve spent 37 years at the CBC and 45 years total in the TV game. Time to put it behind me.”  As to the future, Doug says,  “I will continue to freelance with my own gear but only when I want to … So, when we meet next ….. I will be retired like most of you.”  Here's to happy days, Doug!

From Lionel Moore in Winnipeg:

For all those who worked at CBC Winnipeg during your career or had the opportunity to work on assignments with their staff or visited that station during your career, we have a cheery “Hello!” from retired Staff Announcer Lionel Moore.  Lionel shares that, “It’s time we get out now and do some socializing so 4 of us, all former employees of the mighty Corp., met for coffee in Winnipeg for fun, some laughs, lots of laughs, and memories the 4 of us rehashed over almost 3 hours and a lot of BS too. We had a blast and it was so nice to finally get out for a visit and of course, set a date for our next coffee group.” 


Left to right, Don Phimister and Willie Plaetinck, then on extreme right is Del Forscutt, all 3 former TV Technicians.  Sitting between Willie and Del is Lionel Moore – described by himself as “the skunk with the white stripe down my sleeve, the only Announcer”. 


Posted February 6, 2022:

From Ken Mitchell:
(Note:  See photo of Ken in the Photo Gallery)

Ken Mitchell reports that he's home again after a wonderful 11 day sunny holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Ken says he has been PCR tested twice, once before leaving Mexico and again in Vancouver, both negative.  Travellers are asked to monitor themselves upon return for five days which Ken did and thankfully no Covid.  He adds that, "Mexico was very good for me.  The sun, the people, the food & the sense of freedom that I can still travel with just some carefully applied common sense precautions. I am a traveller, it is part of my inner core.  So happy to be home again safe & sound with a little tan & some extra energy."  Ken shares three photos from his holiday as well as the one posted separately in our Photo Gallery:

The hotel pool amid the palms.

Looking down on the hotel pools.

A sunset view of the hotel pools.

Evening entertainment.

Posted January 22, 2022:

From CBC News British Columbia

Jazz legend Eleanor Collins adds to list of honours with unveiling of Canada Post stamp

Image on commemorative stamp 'just took my breath away,' says 102-year-old

by   Lien Yeung · CBC News · Posted: Jan 21, 2022 10:30 AM PT | Last Updated: January 21


Canada Post unveiled the stamp featuring jazz legend Eleanor Collins on Friday. (Canada Post)

Even after breaking several barriers to become known as Canada's first lady of jazz, Eleanor Collins says it's still "surreal" to see herself featured on a stamp.

"My picture on a postage stamp? Can you repeat that?" the 102-year-old asked jokingly. "You know, it's just so surreal."

The commemorative stamp of the singer was unveiled virtually on Friday morning by Canada Post.

Collins was celebrated by former colleagues and artists who have been influenced by her work, including Nalda Callender of the National Congress of Black Women Foundation, filmmaker Sylvia Hamilton, and musicians Sharman King, Marcus Mosely and Wendy Solloway.

The original photo of Collins that inspired the image on the stamp. (Franz Lindner/CBC)

The stamp features a close-up of Collins's face as illustrated by David Belliveau, based on a photograph by Franz Lindner — a former co-worker and friend of the singer from her days working at CBC.

She wears a white collared blouse, and her ears are adorned with matching gemstones as she gazes off to her left. A smaller silhouette to the side of the image shows her at the microphone, head tilted back in mid-song.

Collins says she was impressed by how Belliveau was able to capture her essence just by looking at the photograph.

"It just took my breath away. It was so stunning, so striking," she said.

Groundbreaking artist

Born in Edmonton but now living in British Columbia, Collins began performing in the 1930s on television and radio shows across the country. She's worked with a range of famous musicians, including Dizzy Gillespie and Montreal-born jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.

In 1954, Collins became part of the first interracial cast on Canadian television when she joined CBC's television program Bamboula: A Day in the West Indies. A year later, she starred in The Eleanor Show, which made her the first woman and first Black artist to headline their own national television series.

At 100 years of age, Canadian jazz icon Eleanor Collins has one mantra — just take it one day at a time

Looking back on her career, Collins says music helped bring the Black community together and provided comfort during what were troubling times.

"I see for my people, it was a ... safe place to live, a safe place to be together because the harsh world outside there do not approve of us," she said.

Collins says her goal was never to win awards or honours but just to be someone others could look up to.

Collins is shown at home in Surrey, B.C., in November 2019. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

That's her message now to other Canadians.

"Bring your very best, every day of your life," she said. "Let history tell you what it was they thought they saw."

On her 95th birthday in 2014, Collins was invested into the Order of Canada for being "a civic leader and pioneer in the development of British Columbia's music industry."

To hear a full interview and music from Eleanor Collins, listen to Hot Air with Margaret Gallagher on Saturday, Jan 22.


Posted January 16, 2022:

(from Bert Cervo)
Note:  See photo of Bert from Beijing in the Photo Gallery.

Bert Cervo shares some new photos under the heading, “adventures of ‘retired’ CBC folks”!  He is once again working for NBC Universal in Beijing, China during the 2022 Olympics (February 4-20) and will be away from home for the next two months.  Bert says that engineering and production colleagues will remember some of these images from the 2008 coverage from Beijing.

“The COVID bubble restrictions are extremely tight”, notes Bert, adding, “We are getting every evening a PCR test done – otherwise not getting into the shuttle bus to work. We cannot leave out hotel compound at all – neither MMC/IBC grounds and KN95 masks are mandatory everywhere. Sure not the games I know from the past.”  Bert also notes that the “white robot” drives around in the hotel 24x7 and sprays disinfectants!